Stress At The Workplace

Stress At The Workplace

The stress at work is something people should learn to appreciate in life. You can’t avoid work stress; you just need to know how to do Stress Management at the workplace. Be it work-pressure (or) family stress (or) life tensions and whatnot, you might have your deadlines due tomorrow, your best friend’s marriage party is tonight and so you’ve got to plan for it, your sister is leaving for studies and she wants to spend the night with you, your kid’s annual day at the school…. these are some common situations people feel stressed out and couldn’t think straight-forward

Possible reason and their solutions for Stress at the workplace

Don’t love the job you do

But, work-pressure is different. According to skillsyouneed, stress management in a workplace is a skill that should be mastered by everybody these days. People work to make their living. Huffingtonpost says around 69% of the world’s population does not love the jobs they do. If one doesn’t like the job they do, the results won’t be effective as they should be. One feels pressure or stress if he overloads himself or couldn’t prioritize things to be done. If you work about something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. This is the major reason people get anxious, nervous in their careers.


Not able to meet the deadlines

Stress at the workplace (or) working under pressure cannot be controlled completely but one can master dealing with these deadlines. Nowadays most employers ask these questions in the interview, “Can, you work under pressure and deal with deadlines? (or) How do you work under pressure?” these are a few common qualities most companies expect their recruits to be good at. – Placement.fresher

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Here is a small and simple idea not to get panicked when under pressure: Eisenhower’s Urgent/Important Principle guides to use time effectively and efficiently.

Before following, have this in mind:

# Important: Activities that have an outcome that leads us to achieve our goals.

# Urgent: Activities that demand immediate attention. These are usually associated with someone else goals.

First list out all the activities (or) projects you have to do. Try to include all the activities that consume your time at work in that list and then divide all those jobs into these four categories:

  1. Important and Urgent: These are the things that need more attention. Most likely, they improve their reputation. So, complete these jobs without delay.
  2. Not important but Urgent: These works don’t make any impact for you. It’s probably you, helping others with their work. Learn to say ‘NO’ since you yourself have better things to do.
  3. Important but not Urgent: These things should be done whenever you are free. If you neglect them now, they are going to fall under the 1st category and you’ll end up not working to your full potential. Procrastination is addictive!
  4. Not important and not urgent: These are the things that you do not even intend to do. Try to minimize this list as much as possible, since they only consume your time for nothing.

Once you organize and prioritize your workload, you should be able to decide and divide the time you have into the completion of these jobs. Remember to avoid procrastination at all costs. You should get out of your comfort zone and complete the tasks in order to avoid last-minute work, which eventually leads to stress. Work pressure is not that big of a deal if you can manage stress at work. In fact, “How well you work under pressure or tight deadline (or) Stress management at the workplace” could be your strength.

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No balance in work and life

From a report given by SpaciousTherapy, workplace stress felt by people is not only due to the deadlines but also due to Workplace bullying and also Work-life balance.

Regarding work-place bullying, you could always report to your superiors. But I wouldn’t suggest this since it risks your career. Do not let others’ opinions/words affect your mood. Work hard in silence and let your results roar. Remember that this is your life and no matter whatever comments you receive (or) whatever criticism you face; they should have zero impact on you. Life is too short for criticism and bullying. Make friends and know your limits everywhere. Whatever be the situation you are in, face the reality, and believe in yourself that this situation is nothing before you when you have your mind and heart at it. But if this bullying is crossing your limit, do raise the concern with seniors. Remember if you are stressed at work, you can’t focus on your work.

Some relaxing techniques by skillsyouneed to feel relaxed when stressed out:

  1. Mindfulness: Mindfulness is about living in the moment and appreciating it to the full. When you feel stressed, take a moment and feel thankful for the opportunities you have before you instead of complaining about having them. Feel blessed for the job you do. This increases positive vibes in you and builds your self-esteem. Do not let yesterday take too much of today.
  2. Aromatherapy: The effect of scent and smell on the state of mind.
  3. Music therapy: A therapy of sound. This is not to be confused with the work of professional music therapists who use music and instruments to help people express emotions. This is the best way to relax and get recharged to complete the job.
  4. Self-hypnosis: A simple technique to enable you to step away from your stress and feel more relaxed. Power naps are also recommended.
  5. Laughter: As a therapy, this is an excellent way to relax. But remember not to laugh inappropriately.

Stress left untreated and unmanaged can be extremely damaging to your health. Mental health is more important than earning. In fact, Realbuzz suggests that living your life has to be the top priority than making your living. Do not let your work-life consume you. Enjoy the job you do and spend time with your family. Meditate regularly to keep stress at bay. And last but not least, do not let the child in you die.

Do not wait for an opportunity, Create it! Stay Positive, Creative, Motivated, Determined, Focused, and spread positivity 😊.

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