7 Positive Thinking Techniques

positive thinking

Here we will discuss 7 POSITIVE THINKING TECHNIQUES that actually works!

In your life, there are many instances where you feel like everything is going wrong and nothing is in your control. As the famous singer Dolly Parton rightly said, if you want the rainbow, you have got to put up with the rain.

Positive thinking will help you manage your problems as positive thoughts keep your mind clear and stable. Thus, we remain happy and peaceful. It helps us stay tension-free in our lives. We can manage any stress or problems in a better and more effective way by being optimistic. 

Following are the benefits of positive thinking:

  • Having positive thinking helps us lead a better quality of life.
  • Positive thinking increases our energy levels.
  • Positive thinking has sound and better effects on our psychological and physical health.
  • Positive thinking and having optimistic hopes help a person recover faster from any injury or illness.
  • Such type of good thinking results in lower rates of depression among people.
  • Optimistic thoughts help us manage stress better, and social coping skills also increase substantially.

As a result, it leads us to have a longer life span.

The power of positive thinking plays an important role. Positive thinking has many directions and applies to everyone around the world in all situations.
When you hear anyone’s struggles and how they overcame their difficult times, you very well know that apart from his hard work, his positive attitude helped him to outgrow his difficulties.

But whenever you find yourself in any such situation it becomes quite difficult to stay positive and recall all those quotes and stories that you heard about positivity.
Naturally, you panic and overthink all kinds of negative thoughts and possibilities, which neither solves your problem nor make you feel better.

To prepare yourself for such phases of life, you need to know that positivity is not a skill, but it is a necessity. When you are positive on the inside, you automatically have happy thoughts and clear perspectives and then you can face any challenge with a learning motive.

Also, it is a very famous saying that like attracts like. If you are positive and always look at the brighter side of things, you attract the same kind of positivity around you. People are happy around you and they want to get to know more about what makes you so content and calm.

Positivity is not just important for yourself but also for the people around you. If you are constantly complaining about everything and feeling negative even when something good happens to you, then you should consider this an alarming sign as such mentality is more harmful than any curable disease.

Its never too late to start bringing about small changes in your life to make it a happier one and improve its quality from average to the best. Each day that you wake up you have a new opportunity in front of you to do something that will bring a positive change in you and around you and will make this world a happier place to live.

Having such an optimistic mentality is what will bring you a step closer to your ideal lifestyle each day. The ideal lifestyle doesn’t mean a lavish life filled with materialistic satisfaction, but it simply means having the luxury to be happy, content, and at peace with yourself. No matter how rich you are, but if you are not content with what you have and are always looking at what you don’t have then those riches are of no use for you.

After realizing this you may have one only question in your mind,

Concentrate on the good things: Both good and bad circumstances are a part of our lives. We should concentrate on all the good things and forget all the wrong things.

It does not matter whether the wrong things may be significant or if the good things may be small. Always try to keep yourself busy with any work.

Don’t keep your mind ideal. So that your mind will be occupied in work. Thus, it will be easy for you to have and keep good thoughts in your mind.

In such situations, evil thoughts or negative thoughts won’t come into your mind. And, you will remain happy, peaceful, and cheerful always.

‘Do what makes your soul happy.’

Spend time with positive people: As positivity is contagious, so is negativity. So try to be friends with positive-minded people only. Stay away from negative minded people.

Whether you have one friend or a circle of friends, always try to make your friends optimistic. They help you to grow in your life, career, everything by giving positive advice.

If your circle does not let you grow, then change your circle. Observe the people with whom you are spending your time. Have you ever observed that a person with negative talk can change almost everyone’s mood in the room?

On the other hand, people with a positive mood, positive thought process, and positive talks can bring a smile to everyone’s face in that place. Those are the positive vibes of positive people.

People with a positive aura emit positive energy around them. People with positive energy inspire others very quickly. If you have and keep positive thoughts, then positive thoughts will attract more positive energy towards you. Positive thinking increases your vibration.

Begin giving attention to your thoughts. Never indulge in negative thinking. Let negative thoughts go away from your mind because they are just thoughts. They are not any tangible things.

So, they are not at all worth paying attention to. Don’t do over-thinking. And, don’t ever feed the negative thoughts because they will cause more harm. Spending time with positive people helps a person to increase his/her self-esteem and self-confidence.

A person with high self-esteem will do more and more hard work with great determination, and finally, that person gives his best performance and achieves his/her goals. Try to be surrounded by such people who motivate you to perform your best and accomplish your goals.

Here are 7 techniques that will motivate you towards a positive mindset and a happy life:


Gratitude is the greatest virtue of all. Start practicing it daily and you’ll see a lot of positive changes happening in your life like magic. All you have to do is, in your mind whenever you are offered something or being helped by someone, or you eat something, or simply when you meet your loved ones, say ‘ I’m thankful for this blessing’.

be grateful

The more you practice it, the more things you will find to be thankful for. This way you will be counting your blessings every minute of the day and your day will be filled with positivity and good vibes. Also by doing this you will learn the value of things and people around you and hardly any negative thoughts about them will enter your mind. Do try it out!


The biggest lesson towards self-growth and satisfaction is to learn from your mistakes. A lot of times you take the risk to try something and fail in succeeding. This leaves you disheartened and demotivated and your mind gets full of negative thoughts and how you shouldn’t have done it in the first place.

learn more from mistakes

This attitude stops you from trying anything new and taking risks. Instead of being negative about your failures, look at them as your learning experiences, and ensure yourself that next time you will not make these mistakes and find out a better way to succeed.

Such positive affirmations given to yourself will boost up your confidence and will increase your risk-taking abilities because next time you will look at it through sportsman’s spirit.


You live in a society where everyone has an opinion about everything. But it is not your responsibility to worry about what everyone has to say. A lot of times, the opinions and judgment of others may affect you in a bad way and fill you up with negativity.

You need to question yourself before doing anything, will I look good doing this? Will the people laugh at me if I fail? Before anyone else haves such power on you, learn to laugh on your own mistakes.

smiling kid

Have an attitude of learning and letting go. If you had a fall in your life, just laugh it out on your stupidity, dust yourself off, and get back up stronger.

When you are happy with yourself and are confident in what you are doing then, what others will say won’t affect you at all. And their reactions will in no way come in between your positivity. When everyone knows that you are not influenced much by others, they ultimately stop making any remarks on you.


We live in a beautiful world surrounded by many positive and happy sights. You just need to have an eye for it.

Look around you in nature and you will find so many colors and different creatures that fill you will happiness and leave you in awe.

look for inspiration

Spend some time just walking around in a garden or looking at a baby. You will feel that even if there is a lot of negativity prevailing, there are still a lot of beautiful reasons to feel happy and positive about it.


Throughout your day you have countless thoughts appearing in your brain. You solely must keep a check on the quality of your thoughts.

Start being conscious about what you are thinking at the moment, give some time to analyze it.

happy thoughts

Slowly you will start having a grip on your thoughts and you can improve the quality of your thoughts simply by diverting your mind from negativity to positivity.

Whenever something negative pops up, quickly think of a happy memory and a happy place, and picture yourself there. This way you will instantly see a transformation in your mood.


Your mental and physical health plays an essential role in keeping you positive and increasing the optimism factor in your life. If you are not healthy and constantly fall ill, then this lack of health will reflect in your overall personality.

An unhealthy body will lead to an unhealthy mind and you will suffer from several issues like fatigue, depression, anxiety, etc. to refrain from all this, make sure that you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

watch your health

Eat, sleep, and exercise on time regularly. Don’t rely too much on junk food and watch your intake of healthy nutrients.

These will keep your metabolism high and will help in maintaining a positive lifestyle which will promote positive thinking.


A lot of times you are dealing with certain issues and factors which you can’t discuss with anyone around you. Instead of just overthinking it in your head, try seeking the help of a professional.

Like a life coach or a therapist. There is no shame in consulting a specialist for your mental issues because ultimately your mental health decides your overall well-being. You can’t pretend to be happy on the outside when you are struggling with your negativity on the inside.

seek help

Try talking to anyone about it, because this will relieve your stress and you will not feel alone. You will feel a lot more positive for doing such important changes for yourself and ultimately it will make you more confident and positive.

Methods to attract positive energy to you with positive thoughts:

Surround yourself with objects that have positive energy and which make you happy: Keep objects with positive energy and good vibes in your home or at work.

They may be any paintings, or statues, or crystals, etc. They can be anything else, which is believed to bring good luck, a positive and lovely life to you.

You can keep any photos you love, such as your photo, your family photo, etc. Suppose you have won any certificates or prizes in your studies or work or areas of your interest (.i.e. any co-curricular activity).

In that case, you can keep those also on your study table or anywhere else in your room. Perform those acts or do those things which will make you happy.

You can pursue your hobbies/interests such as listening to music, reading books, gardening, etc. Then you will feel better, and you will attract positive vibes towards you.

Be loving, compassionate, and kind: Always have love and compassion for all the creatures of this planet. Always be kind to everyone. You don’t know which person is going through which trouble in his/her life at that moment.

So, don’t be harsh towards others. Always be polite to everyone. When you emit the vibrations of love around you, you will attract people and situations with more positive vibes.

Live a motivated life: Do what you love to do, and by which you become self-satisfied, relaxed, and happy. When you always make it a habit of having positive thoughts and positive thinking, you are well-inspired yourself, and you can also inspire others.

And, motivating others is also a work of emitting positive vibes around you. Because when you get a positive aura around you, people automatically come near you for advice, or they respect you and love you.

Be present: Always try to live in the present moment because that is where your strength is. When you stay in the present moment and identify how you are feeling, you will think about how you will react or not react.

That is where your power lies (staying in the present moment). Then you will be able to attract more positive energy towards you.

Exercise, eat healthily, and stay healthy: Eat fresh and healthy foods consistently. Don’t eat junk foods. Eating fresh and healthy foods will keep your mind and body healthy.

This will help your body emit positive vibes and thus a positive aura around you. You should also correctly exercise daily.

Doing exercises often will keep you tension-free, healthy, and fit. And, when you remain healthy always, you will automatically have positive energy with you.

If you eat right and on time always, then your mind and body will function properly.

Practice positive self-talk: Always say positively about yourself to yourself. As every human being does self-talk, so that thing is also an essential aspect of positive thinking techniques.

When you talk positively to your inner child, you will be able to fully minimize and finally prevent any negative thoughts from coming to your mind.

Be compassionate and kind to your inner child because your inner child needs your care for giving the output of positive thinking and positive vibes for you. If you say to yourself that, ‘I can do this work,’ ‘I am a good person, ‘Everything will be fine in my life, then your brain will lead you to work for that purpose, and you will get your desired results.

So, this aspect, or this technique of positive thinking, is essential. Positive thinking will help you to increase your self-confidence and prevent negative emotions and negative thoughts.

‘We can’t always control what happens, but we can always control how we react to it!’
When a thought comes to your mind, then first analyze it by asking yourself, ‘Was the thought kind and helpful for me?’ If that thought was not kind and helpful for you, then avoid and forget it. Try to take it out of your mind because our thoughts are the basis of our moods, feelings, and emotions.

Smile more and laugh a lot: If you feel alone, try to make optimistic friends and humor. Positive-minded people will talk positively with you, and that will have a perfect effect on you.

And, humorous people will help you to be happy. Such people tell good jokes and make everyone laugh and smile. If anyone is not in a good mood, they can brighten up those people by telling them something amusing.

The other person will ultimately smile and laugh and invite your near and dear ones, .i.e. good friends and relatives, to your home over lunch or dinner. And on that occasion, show them humorous TV serials or comedy movies, or play video games together with them, or play antakshari, etc., with them. Doing these will be fun.

Smiling and laughing often help us a lot in maintaining our positive thinking every day and every time. Also, be friends with such people who give support to you, motivate you, and brighten up your mood to do hard work and accomplish your goals.


Positivity and happiness are both interrelated. Your well-being depends on both of these vital factors. Practice these steps by making them a part of your lifestyle and slowly you will feel the change within you.

Also, don’t forget to stay in touch with your family and your friends. Because they are the pillar of your support and anytime being with them and talking to them will make you more positive and optimistic knowing that everything is perfectly fine.

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