How To Be Happy Always

How To Be Happy Always


~Dalai Lama

I am sure we all agree with this quote. But the question is, How to be happy always?

We are all trying hard to juggle many things in our life, it could be a career, work, family, etc with the ultimate goal of being happy and feel good. Would n’ t it be amazing if there was a button stuck on our body for happiness and you just press it and instantly you become happy? Or would not it be easy to spend money and buy it if it was sold in the market?

It’s a fact that if we keep searching for happiness from someone or something, then we will be dependent on an external source for our happiness. But instead, if we believe that happiness is something that exists within us, in our thoughts, beliefs, inner conscious, then we can easily achieve our goal of becoming happy. So, happiness is your choice of thoughts that can produce a pleasant feeling in your subconscious mind

You need to always remember that positive thoughts create positive emotions or feelings and accordingly a positive state of mind. Just like how one perceives certain traits like being confident, fearful, having attention, interest, anger, etc. to be inclusive and individualistic, happiness is also the same.

If we can learn to be confident, overcome fear, increase our focus, try not to be confused and stuck can’t we learn to be happy? Rather, can’t we create happiness on our own?


8 simple and practical ways to always stay happy

1.   Live in the PRESENT    

Most people are unhappy because they either live in their past or worry too much about their future. One needs to understand that happiness is in the present and it is a gift we should learn to cherish before it becomes our past or memory. So, learning to value your present moment is the top secret of your happiness
Ex- it could be enjoying a cup of tea, talking to your friends, or as simple as focusing on your breath.

2.   Positive Thinking  

Always remember that negative thinking leads to unhappiness. Our mind is scattered all over the place, it has the tendency to pick up more negatives than positives. So, channelizing our thoughts in the right direction becomes necessary. Firstly, start observing your negative thoughts, emotions, feelings, and beliefs.

Become aware of them, constantly remind yourself that you deserve only happiness, and replace those self-limiting thoughts with positive ones. Focus on the good thoughts only, as you know whatever you focus on it grows.

I know it is hard to practice but accept that thoughts are the only thing that is under your control. No doubt, this will initially be hard to practice but understanding that positive thoughts will create positive emotions and in turn, a positive state of mind is very important.

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3. Express Gratitude 

Happiness comes from expressing your gratitude honestly and sincerely. Be thankful to God for everything and everyone around you. I saw a message where a person was complaining about his shoes until he saw someone with no legs. So be happy with what you have. Expressing Gratitude will attract more positive things in life. For more ideas, how to express gratitude you can read this article Positive Psychology

4.   Stop Controlling Others  

Understanding and accepting that one has no control over another person’s thoughts and behavior is very important for happiness. If you think you can change others by controlling them, you will remain unhappy throughout your life. How to identify if you are trying to control others?
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5. Self-awareness 

Being aware of yourself and what you are good at is very important for your happiness. So, make a list of all your strengths/ abilities/ potential etc and start focusing on your positives rather than dwelling on your negatives. You have huge potential; you just need to tap it.

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6. Accept life challenges gracefully 

Life is full of challenges. Always understand that God is testing you to show your inner potential. You don’t know what you can do or how strong you are unless you face problems or challenges in your life.

Welcome them wholeheartedly as it is a way to know yourself better. Remember that a person who uses his full potential in life can always be happy.
Life challenges
 you must overcome to become a strong person.

7. Sleep And Exercise 

Adequate sleep is very important for peace of mind. We all know that there is a connection between body and mind. If our body is not rested, you become stressed, and then the mind is confused and unhappiness follows.

Exercising regularly always releases hormones needed for happiness. It has both physical as well as mental health benefits. You can make a daily routine of deep breathing, just for 5 minutes. These breathing exercises will give more oxygen to your body and you will feel fresher and more energetic.

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8. Service to others 

Always be a giver in life. Expectations lead to misery. On the other hand, helping others (it could be money or time) gives more satisfaction and in turn a lot of happiness. There are so many ways by which you can serve others despite your busy schedule.

After going through the above tips, we are sure all of your questions i.e. how to happy in life, how to be happy in life, how to stay happy, how to become happy in life, how to keep yourself happy would have got answers

We understand that happiness and our life is a result of our own thoughts, emotions, and mindfulness. We should not forget that materialistic things, foreign trips, fancy cars, houses, jewelry, etc. can only give us temporary happiness.

These materialistic things will also give happiness only when we are happy from within. Focus on long term happiness. So set your priorities in life, take control of your thoughts and emotions, and live the life you deserve. Remember that it is never too late to live a fulfilling and ever happy life.



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Here we will be discussing the Proven Practices which can help you BOOST YOUR HAPPINESS in the easiest way possible!


— Albert Schweitzer

Before I get onto that, Let me start by bringing a sweet memory to your mind. Almost every one of you must remember playing with a baby. Just spending a few minutes with him can lighten up your whole mood. A baby has a specific kind of innocence, jolliness, and an angelic vibe of his own.

The laugh of a baby is so infectious that it can even make a stranger attracted to it. The motive behind this example was to remind you that each one of us has crossed that phase of our life where nothing worries us and all we have to do is just eat and sleep.

Our most moments were spent being happy and carefree. As and when you grow you start facing the reality that we call LIFE. You understand that after all its not as simple as we imagined it to be and slowly all this reality around us becomes a part of our own and we become well acquainted with it.

We realize that happiness is not just eating and sleeping but it has gotten a wider perspective now. since a very young age, we have been taught about how we will have to face many challenges ahead and how if we are not quick enough to cover up then our friends will get ahead of us and we will be left behind, so we need to excel in every field so that we aren’t left behind.

But is the life that complicated as we are told?

The answer is NO. Life has never been as complicated as we want it to be. When you were a kid, memory was less and we weren’t aware of the negative aspects like cheating, lying, failure, etc. but while growing up the carefree happiness of your childhood slowly gets mixed up with all these challenges around us and as you grow up you forget that your happiness is a very personal trait and it doesn’t have to be dependent on outside factors.

Happiness is not something that you can buy and then use it as per your wish. Happiness is rather an emotion. It is a state of mind. If you understand some root causes that hinder your well-being and happiness and work upon making those things better then surely your level of happiness will not just be on a superficial level, but you will be able to reach the depths of it and enjoy it to the fullest.

Your mind needs to be trained in such a way that no matter what are the conditions prevailing around you, nothing can obstruct your inner peace and your happiness. This way you will be able to hold your calm even in worst conditions and come out of it stronger and more powerful.

Challenges won’t break you or weaken you, instead, they will be your best learning lessons in life and with each experience, and your happiness and contentment will increase.

We bring to you 8 practices which will help you in increasing your happiness and will also make you calmer and content from within. Make these practices a habit and a part of your routine and you will notice the change in your behavior in just a few days. Not only you, but the people around you will also get benefited from the positivity that you will radiate, and they will all look forward to your presence around them.


  1. A happy start to your day
  2. Focus on what you have
  3. Internal maintenance
  4. Your happy tunes
  5. Your happy places
  6. Count your blessings
  7. Listen to your body
  8. Cut off unwanted distractions

1. A happy start to your day

How you begin your day says a lot about how your overall day is going to be. Always start your day with a smile on your face and in your mind roughly plan out what all things you are going to accomplish. This way you will have enough motivation to easily get out of your bed with a happy mind. If you feel lethargic and dull in the morning you should check your sleep routine.


A sleep-deprived body also leads to an unhappy mind. Begin your day with good and happy thoughts. You can also spend some time with nature and utilize your mornings by doing some physical exercise. This way you will feel cheered up and energetic throughout your day.

2. Focus on what you have

A lot of people tend to always compare their lives with others. This is not a healthy thing to do and it will have negative impacts on your thinking and will ultimately lead you towards disappointment and dissatisfaction from your life.

Always focus on what you have and how you can make your life the best by making use of those things. If you still feel like knowing about others then learn from their achievements and get inspired by them.

This way you will feel happy and content within yourself and there will be no need to compare or validate your happiness from others. Focusing on yourself will give you more time to work upon yourself and how you can excel from what you were yesterday. That’s the only healthy comparison that you need which will add up to your happiness.

3. Internal maintenance

You often put a lot of effort into maintaining your external looks and working on enhancing it every day. It makes you satisfied that you appear good looking in front of others. But what most people neglect is that their internal well-being is also as important as their external beauty.

If you have a beautiful mind and a happy soul, then it will automatically reflect in your personality and will keep you happier, no matter what happens.

Nobody knows you better than you. You know quite well what those areas where you need to work are. It can be anything like overthinking, procrastination, jealousy, stress management, anger, laziness, and many more such common issues. If you get sorted with these issues within yourself understand how to deal with them smartly then they will get away from the path of your happiness and you will feel more power over yourself.

4. Your happy tunes

Listen to some good and soothing music every time you feel sad or depressed. Music helps in releasing tension from your mind and soothing and comforting music helps your brain in releasing happy hormones which will automatically lighten up your mood and make you feel happy.


Make a list of such songs that you can easily have access to. Make that list as your happy tunes list. Music has also proved to increase focus and help you concentrate better in whatever work you are doing.

5. Your happy places

At times when you feel lost and alone in your thoughts, always look for a change in your environment. Get some fresh air outside and look around to some beautiful scenery and you will immediately feel a lot better and happier. You can also try going to your family members or close friends and talk to them about how you feel.


This will take the pressure off your head and you’ll feel lighter. Have a habit of staying connected to people and sharing your thoughts with your closed ones, this will keep your unwanted stress at bay and make your life a lot happier.

6. Count your blessings

No matter what you are going through, good or bad, always count your blessings and be thankful for everything that you have. Having a sense of gratitude in you will keep you grounded and content within yourself.

Always think of those people who have less of what you have but are still happy and satisfied with themselves and are enjoying their life with what they have. Such people will always inspire you. Being thankful for what you have will always remind you to be happy and cheerful

7. Listen to your body

There are certain times when we overwork our bodies and cross their capacities. Our body has its breaking point and after that, it starts giving us signals that you need to stop and rest. If you ignore these signals it will lead to stress, anxiety, lack of energy or motivation, fatigue, and frustration.

These factors will somehow make you unhappy and exhausted. To avoid this, always look out for the signals that your body is sending you and create a balance in your work-life. Having a balance will keep your happiness in check too.

8. Cut off unwanted distractions

Anything around you that promotes negativity and pessimism is not worth your energy. Simply stay away from such vibes and such people. When negativity cant enters your brain you have the only good side of the things to look at only move ahead with a happy mind.


With all these points being mentioned, you should always remember that life is a roller-coaster that makes us feel ecstatic when going up but also scared and nervous when it brings us down. You should be prepared for all these circumstances and face them all with a happy and positive mindset.

Here’s a short video that you can watch for more tips. 

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