What is the real value of parents?

Parents are the most influential people in the life of their children. Parents sacrifice many things in their lives and decrease their cost of living to shape their child’s futures. They also provide help and support to their children in every step of their lives.

Learn how to treat your parents right!

Parents are the most precious gift given by God to humans.      

Parents are the first teachers in the life of their children. Our parents play an essential role in our psychological, physical, social, financial, and career development. You might know very well that parenting a child is not simple or easy. It isn’t easy to raise a child right from the day he or she is born. We should always respect our parents throughout our lives, regardless of the situation or what they say. Whatever they tell us is always for our good life and our well-being. We should always value their decisions in our life.

Talk about the problems or difficulties with your parents.

If you face any problems or difficulties in your life, then discuss those with your parents. Always be honest with your parents, and tell them about each occurrence of your life. They are your best well-wishers in this world. They always think good for you. They never do ill thinking for you or never wish anything wrong for you. Our parents always pray to God about our well-being, which we never know about. Treat them with good behavior, and always talk with them politely.

Also, be obedient to your parents at every point of your life. When you discuss your life issues with your parents, they will help you figure out what to do to get out of that situation. Or, they will find out and suggest ways of how you can stay peacefully and happily, despite problems, if any. Father and Mother of a child are the best solution-providers in this world to their children. They never want that you will stay in trouble. Somehow or the other, they help you to get out of your problems.

Importance of parents in the life of a small child

Right from the day on which a baby is born, it is tough to raise a child. A mother gets through callous times after the birth of the child. She feeds the baby about 4-6 times a day, cleans his or her toilet, potty, and vomiting, changes the diapers or napkins, etc. She also consoles him or her whenever he or she cries. Doing all these is not at all easy. Keeping the child until nine months in her womb, and bringing him or her to this world, after undergoing very much pain during childbirth…All these are things to be grateful to your mother and love and support her in every situation of her life. A mother plays the role of a cook and caregiver to her child.

A mother also plays the role of a nurse or doctor to her child. She dresses the wounds of her child. After knowing about all the right medicines for any ailments of a small child, she gives the appropriate medication to her child. Whether the baby might be a toddler or an infant, or a small child, she always cares for the good health of her son or daughter.

The father of a child always cares a lot for his child. They bring good food for the child to eat. They always make sure their son or daughter is fine or not.

Our parents do hard work in their jobs to earn bread and butter for us. They cut the expenses on themselves, and spend for us. They ensure that their children are living comfortably or not. So, the parents spend adequately for their children to eat correctly and get good nutrition. They bring us new dresses to wear at every festival and memorable occasion. They strive hard to give us good education to study correctly and get good jobs after we complete our studies. They ensure that we become great and respectable people in our lives in the future.

There is no love more significant than a mother’s love and no care greater than a father’s care.

Always talk to your parents, never ignore them.

Never in your life avoid your parents. Always talk to them. After becoming big, children go far-off places to pursue their higher education or to do jobs. And, their parents become alone in their house. In that situation, do not ever let your parents feel lonely. Always talk with them regularly on the phone and in video calls. All they need is our love, support, and care for them. When they grow old, they want their children should ask them how they are. And, they become pleased after receiving good emotional feelings and love from their children, as they have for their children.

If the parents are poor, they struggle very much to earn a living every day. And, if they do not have money with them to buy enough grains, or if enough food is not available at their home, they feed their children first. If also, they have to stay hungry, they withstand that problem also. All parents think about their children first. So, children should always feel thankful and proud of their parents. So that, when they make you big people in the future, and you become successful, they will also be proud of you.

Never in your life ignore your parents for other people. Because nothing in this world can replace our parents, while your parents are still alive, always look after them and care for every need of them. Your children will learn these virtues and good culture from you. And they will imbibe these virtues inside them. As a result, they will also treat you with the same love and respect as you have treated your parents. They will always take care of you after you grow old and when you will need them. They will take care of your food, dressing, well-being, and health everything. Just try to put these virtues in your children while still there is time. Treat your parents with friendly behavior and attitude.

Nowadays, many people are putting their parents in nursing homes. They feel unfortunate to be thrown off at those centers for older people. Never do this to your parents. Some people come to know the actual value of their parents after they leave this world. So, while there is still time, show good behavior to your parents. Never make them sad. Never do anything to them for which you will have to regret later on in your lives. Make them happy always, and you will be satisfied. Their blessings will keep you happy, and protected in this world.

Our obligations towards our parents

Every child has many essential obligations towards his or her parents, which are as follows:

  • They have given us this life of ours by bringing us into this planet.
  • They give us all the necessities of life.
  • They have managed to fulfill almost all of our needs and desires.
  • They have fed us, given us dresses to wear, and given us good education.

Instead of contributing to all these emotional, cultural, economic aspects of our life, they have never asked anything in return from us.

All they want is our love, support, and care for them. They never expect any expensive gifts from us. They hope that we give at least a few minutes of our day to them.

Duties of a child towards his or her parents

We should not see faults in our parents.

 If we try to find faults in our parents, we cannot be happy. We should never forget the things they did for us. We always remember someone’s kindness even once they offer us a chilly drink on a hot day, so how can we forget the generosity of our parents? If they assert something to which we are not able to agree, we should always overlook it. They are older than us. They deserve our respect. They always try to keep us happy. All that every parent wants is the happiness and well-being of their child. So, please do not lose faith in them, in whatever they do or say.

Looking after our elderly parents is the highest dharma.

Taking care of our elderly parents is the highest dharma- what’s the duty of today’s young generation? It should be to look after their elders. Taking care of our parents wholeheartedly is estimated as faithful service (‘seva’). Immediate good karma is earned as a result of imparting ‘seva’ to one’s parents. God isn’t visible to us. God cannot be everywhere. So, he has created our parents to look after our well-being. That is why parents are called our living Gods. So let us give ‘seva’ to our parents regularly. Doing this will help us earn good dharma. Our parents will be happy, and God will also be satisfied when we serve our parents.

 Gods stay in a home where there are not any conflicts. So, that is why we should always conduct ourselves so that everybody in our house is happy. We should always try our best to keep them happy.

 So friends, if there has been ever any instance when we might have done anything painful to our parents, then for all those mistakes we should say sorry to our parents. And, we should try to replace those wrong-doings with right deeds so that our father and mother will be happy with us. As well as, we should always attempt to invite strength, never harm them, and be helpful to them with no negative feelings.

Our parents guide us during our adolescence or teenage.

Teenage or adolescence is the most enjoyable period in the life of a child. And, in this phase of life, their parents worry a lot for them. The children come to their parents and ask many times regarding their enjoyment with their friends. For example, they ask whether they can go on a picnic, go to the beaches, go to the pub, etc. Many times the parents deny permitting their children to go on an outing. They do this considering all the good and bad repercussions. If they foresee anything terrible according to the fun activity of their children, they deny permitting their children to go on that outing. The child should not take this as if their parents do not want their happiness and enjoyment. Every parent wants that their child will stay happy always, be secure and at the same time enjoy their lives. So, never misunderstand your parents. Whatever they see is right for you, they allow you to do that, or go on that outing, etc.

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Parents are themselves a solid and ideal role model for their children during their teenage. Whatever they do or how they behave affects their children’s mentality. You can involve your child in discussions within the family, and you can encourage them to have a balanced diet and lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. You can be positive in every situation. You can teach them to take responsibility for their actions by, first of all, doing that yourself. Parents instill the importance of family values in their children.

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