How to let go of fear and become unstoppable

Fear comes to every person in this world, in some form or the other, in some situation or the other. Due to fear, we get the feeling of anxiety. Anxiety leads us to overthink situations. And thus, fear keeps us from giving our best performance. So, we should let go of fear. Create your way for everything and live life to the fullest. Every problem has a solution. So, don’t fear.

‘The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will’.

And, that will and self-confidence comes from not having fear of any situation.

Tips to overcome fear and become unstoppable:

How to let go of fear? The following are a few strategies to let go of fear:


Plan it out

Do you find yourself clicking on the snooze option of your alarm regularly? Or does it feel like you are wasting time in a work profession that you don’t love? While you follow your ambitions to achieve your goals and create fresh new exciting plans for your future, you might have a feeling that you would not succeed and become reluctant.

Having a plan before starting anything will help you overcome this worry. As there is a thought, “Right planning prevents bad performance.” Set attainable plans as per your right ideas that will bring you nearer to your goals, and stay dedicated to your plan. Don’t let the fear of failure keep you from following your dreams and ambitions for your future.

Use stress-relief techniques

Being in a situation of fear can put considerable stress on the body. For example, if you are afraid of the dark, you might begin to feel tightness in the chest, a dry throat, or difficulty in breathing. When stress comes to you due to fear, try repeating positive sentences to yourself in your mind, ‘Everything will be okay’, ‘I am fine and happy’. Then you will not feel worried and fear will also go away. Make a plan for yourself, so that when you will begin feeling fear or anxiety, then you will do that and fear will be gone, as a result, stress will also be released. Also, you may chant some mantras for relieving the fear from your mind, and the feeling of anxiety also will be released.

Try other techniques, such as listening to calm and soothing music, such as sounds of nature, the sound of water flowing, the sounds of the jungle, etc. Do meditation and you will remain calm and cool, and will not get agitated easily from normal situations. That means, meditation will help you to manage your stress well and to focus on the present. Meditation helps us to increase patience and tolerance by reducing negative emotions and fear. It also helps in increasing self-awareness. You should also go for a walk, which is good for your body and mind. You may also engage yourself in some/the other activities because when you work, negative thoughts don’t come to your mind as you are occupied with something. So, you will not feel anxious. You will feel at ease with yourself and your surroundings. If you will become able to control the feeling of fear and its resultant stress, then you will become more confident, and you will be able to give your best performance in work/studies. Always try to concentrate your mind on work/studies, and everything will be alright.

Talk with friends and family

Human beings are social animals. We often need to interact with other human beings for feeling good. Staying lonely for a long time makes us feel awful. If you work all day at home, or if you do nothing and sit idle at home for a long period, then either way you will feel lonely and frustrated. Rather than that, if you take breaks by going outside for roaming, then you will feel refreshed and energetic.

You may find new friends if you go out of your home, or you may plan and go to meet a friend at his/her house. You may also plan some feasts/ get-togethers with your new and old friends. That will help you to socialize more.

talk with friends and family

And, thus you will get rid of the fear of being lonely and its consequences on your mind. Because being alone for a long time may trigger negative thoughts and emotions in your mind. That can be avoided by doing conversations with people over the phone or by meeting them outside. You may go out to meet your family relatives or friends anyone.

By doing that, automatically fun-filled and joyous situations will be created. And, those can also stay as good memories for you always. That will help you trigger your positive thoughts and emotions. Doing that will also lift your spirits. You can also get support from your friends and family if you build and keep good relations with them. That will help you a lot in staying cheerful, light-hearted and as a result, you will not feel isolated. That will create positive vibes for you.

  • ‘Talking your heart out,
  • Sleeping well,
  • Eating good food, and,
  • Breathing fresh air

Are the best therapies for relieving stress’.

‘Don’t ever keep anything that bothers you to your heart. It may hurt you more. Speak it out. It will help you release your stress’.

‘The more open our hearts are, the stronger will be our connection to one another. The more connected we are, the more we can give and receive love, and the stronger and richer our lives will become’.

Celebrate success

Always celebrate your success, whether it is small or big. Celebrating small success will motivate you to work harder for achieving bigger success. And, as a result, you will put in small and consistent efforts for achieving your goals every day. Putting small and consistent efforts every day will result in a big success later on in your life. And, celebrating small success will remove the fear from your minds from trying anything new.

Because, the fear of trying anything new refrains you from starting something new, in the process of achieving your goals and ambitions. And that is a great hindrance on the path of your success. So, always be confident and do your work properly, may it be in your studies/ job.

Starting something new leaving behind the feeling of fear is the first step towards achieving your dreams. Then only you will feel motivated to do more work and put larger efforts into the field of your goals. Thus, you will become unstoppable and will surely achieve success. The key to change is to let go of fear.

Practice will make you perfect

There is a famous proverb, ‘Practice makes a man perfect. Practice your studies/work more often and every day. Then only you will be an expert in your studies/work. And, the fear will be eliminated from your mind.

Thus you will be able to give your best performance. The person who does not put in efforts each day fears for the result of the particular work. For example, if a student doesn’t study every day and does not practice his studies very often, he/she forgets the studies.


And, if he reads a few days before the days of the exam, then he/she fears whether he will be able to give good performance in his/her exam or not. And, he/she also does not perform well in his/her exams due to lack of daily practice in the studies.

If you practice very often, then only you will be able to give your best possible and satisfactory performance. And, you will neither fear before the exam nor before the results come out. You will stay calm and cool. And after the results come out, you will be very happy with your good results.

This applies to the people working in offices also. If the employees put in consistent efforts for giving good performance in their respective jobs, then they can achieve their goals. They perform their best and get compliments from their managers/ bosses. Subsequently, they get promotion also on time.

Many other people are not punctual in coming to their workplaces. Those people are insincere and dishonest in their work. And, those people who try to make fool by deceiving in their job work, they are not able to give good results and they are also caught up for their misdeeds and deceiving their bosses in work.

Because performance appraisals are conducted for each employee of an organization. And thus, they neither get salary increments or promotions nor compliments even.

Many of you might be having stage fright. If you would have to deliver a speech or give a dance/music performance on the stage, then you should practice well many days before the actual big day. Once we get up to the stage, many of us feel nervous and may not be able to give the best speech/ the best dance/singing performance. So, to avoid that from happening, we should practice well.

First, you should write down the finally prepared speech. Then, you can rehearse before a mirror. After memorizing the speech, you can deliver the speech before the mirror by looking into yourself.

Similarly, you can practice your dance/singing then finally rehearse many times before the mirror so that you will not get nervous/ you will not fear going to the stage for your performance. By doing this, you will not panic and remain confident before the stage activity. Thus, you will be able to overcome the fear of the stage, and give your best performance and earn compliments from people and rewards in the competition if any.

Stay open to change

Always try your best in everything you attempt to do. Don’t fear. And, always stay open to any change. Anything can change at any moment of your life. Be open to new changes, which you may least expect to happen. Being open to changes means you have let go of fear and accepted that everything is uncertain in life. So, work hard, eat well, and live life to its fullest.

Remove yourself from the situation

Suppose you are enjoying a pleasant meal with a near and dear one. Suddenly, you hear the noise of glass breaking. You might feel a jolt of adrenaline and may feel panicked. Such types of experiences can stimulate your “fight or flight” response.

If you feel overwhelmed, control your mind from wandering away. Self-regulation helps to maintain our cool in high-stress situations. Try to excuse yourself from the situation if needed, then go outside for a while and return after you feel relaxed and cool.


Keep saying yourself in your mind that, ‘this moment will pass, ‘everything will be fine’. Stress releases hormones that are designed to get you ready to either fight or run from danger. The more effectively you can self-regulate those reactions, the better you can let go of fear and overcome your current situation and also help other people.

Thus, you will be able to move from the fight-or-flight mode to a higher state of openness that invites collaboration, creativity, and thriving. Positive emotions help us in achieving better health, longer life, and greater well-being. Never do overthink as it takes away our precious time and increases anxiety. So, let go of fear and you will get positive thoughts in your mind for the well-being of your mind and body.

Have courage and take a deep breath

Are you tired of the monotonous routine of each day in your life? Gather your courage and embrace the uncertain by focussing on your present and planning of the future. Don’t have a feeling of fear by anticipating the future. Find out what will make you happiest, and concentrate on achieving your goals, be it short-term or long-term. Take a deep breath and relax. Consequently, fear will be released. And, you will be able to achieve your dreams and become unstoppable.

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