How to Develop an Attractive Personality

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Developing an attractive personality is an essential and necessary part of developing one’s career. You might have noticed that when a person walks into a room, the room is filled with vigor and the people feel enthusiastic about interacting with the person. They also become happy on seeing that particular person. The whole room gets lit up on the entry of that person into the room. Such should be your charm. That is known as an attractive personality. People get attracted to friendly characters people quickly.

In this article, we will get to know how one can develop an attractive personality.

Perfect Conversation Ratio

There is a perfect conversation ratio, .i.e. it is 75 percent listening and 25 % speaking. One should develop the habit of listening while interacting with other people. While talking with someone, you can reply with certain words such as yes, good, wow, fantastic, nice, appreciative, superb, etc. And you may nod your head also to make the other person feel valued. And, they will feel happy knowing that you are listening to them. The other person will know that you are listening to him or she means that you respect him or her. Do not get absent-minded or do not think of anything else when a person is talking with you.

How to Develop an Attractive Personality

Let them know that you are interested in replying, commenting on their talks, or asking questions. When you are listening to a person without interrupting means you are connecting with him or her. People do not always need your suggestions or advice, or guidance. They need a person to listen to them. So that they feel light on sharing a severe problem with them, do not talk a lot, rather than listening to them with great attention. This will make people like you. Every time maintain eye contact while talking with a person. Also, make sure that you have a pleasing smile with a warm gesture on your face and great eyes. This will attract more people towards you like a magnet.

Roots of interest

When you are talking to a person, try to show interest in their areas of interest. Discuss the field of their passion. Then he or she will get more attracted to you. He or she will be keener on talking with you. And also he or she may want to develop a friendship with you.

Secret Strategy

How to Develop an Attractive Personality

One of the secret strategies is that you should tell the other person that you trust him or her. Then only the other person will charge you in return. Also, try to share some secrets about you with them. Then, they will also share their secrets with you. This will help you develop a closer relationship with the other person. But, always keep in mind that you are telling them your secret only. Do not ever tell them the secret of any other person. Then they will not trust you. As everyone knows, if you are sharing anyone else’s secret with them, you may also tell their secret to anyone else. This will make them avoid you. Thus, keeping trust in the other person is an essential strategy for creating an attractive personality.

Magnet of friends

Try to build good relationships with people through socializing and networking because it will be an excellent technique for enhancing your self-confidence. It’s vital to be helping others, having generosity, caring, and appreciating people who deserve it.  This may not only show who you’re but also will make others feel happy and valued. If you help others feel good, then you’ll become an ideal magnet for all of your friends. Good friends will help to enhance your personality development, but bad friends will destroy your personality.

Icebreaker jokes

Every conversation between friends needs some jokes, laughing, enjoying, etc. The quality of a charming person is making jokes with others and helping others laugh and feel joyous and have fun. This proves that people are comfortable with his or her talks. Telling jokes and making others enjoy by laughing shows that the person has a good sense of humor, and it is a sign of good personality development in that person.

Icebreaker Jokes

Also, laugh at yourself if you have done something silly. Do not get embarrassed. People become more comfortable with the people who laugh at themselves, in case of any faults. However, never waste a significant interaction by making jokes in any inappropriate circumstance.

Speak sincerely

No person likes to be deceived. Tell people the reality. If you cannot plan to do something or cannot attend a meeting or perform a task, then it is better to be truthful about it than to inform them in the eleventh hour that you can’t make it. When people invite your opinion, you ought to be genuine.

 There is a difference between truthful and rude viewpoints. For example, if you do not like your friend’s t-shirt and that they ask you about it, respond with, “I adore you in yellow instead,” instead of, “I hate it, it’s ugly.”

Know ‘how’ vs. ‘what.’

Know how vs what

How you say, something is more necessary rather than what you say. If you try to offer someone an honest compliment, but they think you say it with a sarcastic voice, your praise won’t be of any value. Remember the way you speak things. If you notice that folks often wrongly take your sayings, there is a good chance you’ll change how you talk. Ask your friends to let you know of the way you’re viewing things or in the way you are talking about anything or a person.

Help others interact

Get your circle of friends together. Start a discussion with them. Begin an interaction such as a group discussion. Let all the people give their viewpoints. If someone in the group is an introvert and does not speak, or speaks very little, then help them interact with people in the group. You can do this by initiating a conversation with that person separately and expressly. Ask questions to that particular person to answer and engage in a conversation with you and with the whole group as a result.

Getting some individuals together for fun or a feast is a very effective method of improving your personality. It is as simple as a gathering at the park or as extravagant as a chic banquet or a club. Either way, it shows them that you care and need to spread friendship. 

Show enthusiasm for everything

Even if something causes you to feel slightly uncomfortable, throw it out of your mind with a smile on your face. As everything we exhibit outside is a result of whatever we manifest in our mind. Thus, always keep an open mind and a good sense of humor. Perform every task with enthusiasm and excitement. Not a day goes to be perfect, but being enthusiastic can assist you to attain everything. Once you act in this manner, people will like and enjoy being around you. That is a good sign of an attractive personality.

Make laughing a priority.

Laughing at yourself is not enough if you would like to have the top attractive personality. If you see value in making others laugh and give laughter a greater priority in the list of your personality development, then you will be a happier person.

If you are a person who makes others happy often, then a great thanks to you to remind yourself to laugh more and more and to share that happiness and enthusiasm with others. If you want to make, other people laugh and regularly enjoy, never forget to keep everyday jokes on your phone or email. Set them for a time of day once you notice yourself beginning to feel exhausted.

Have confidence in how you speak and act

You should always say what you think about, agree to take up risks, and have the power to admit your fault without being concerned about what people will think. Doing this proves that you have good self-confidence. This helps you make a beautiful personality because it demonstrates that you are comfortable with yourself, making other people comfortable being around you.

 Asking questions is vital when it involves confidence. The more you learn, the easier you will feel while talking about matters or tasks. Never fear to enquire about anything.

 Never compare yourself with people to prevent self-doubt.

Dress appropriately and have a good posture. This will help you exhibit self-confidence. If you respect yourself and carry yourself in a good way, people will respect you and listen to whatever you say. They will obey your words. This is an essential aspect of personality development. That will help you to become a good leader. Thus, it is necessary to have confidence in your body.

Take a good diet always, and do exercise regularly. This will help you to have good self-confidence in your body. An introverted person can also improve him or her in these aspects, as an extroverted person can do.

Never change yourself in your life, whatever the situation might be. If, at some point in your life, people do not agree with what you say or do, they will value you sooner or later if you maintain your honesty. That is an exemplary aspect of having an attractive personality. Constantly interact with others calmly. Never let any person provoke you so that you won’t have to regret it later on in your life.


Self-confidence is the key to have a fantastic personality. While exhibiting self-confidence is adorable, but cockiness is unappealing. People will avoid you or may not obey you if you are all about yourself only. An excellent method to prevent this from happening is to give compliments to others. Remind yourself to give compliments to some people every day. It does not matter whether they are your friends, colleagues, bosses, etc. This will surely help people to interact with you well.

Remember that it is essential to take care of your inner self and take care of your outer self. Keep some time for yourself to pursue your hobbies and interests, apart from giving time to your work. That will help your mind to be refreshed and rejuvenated.

Also, gain confidence in your body. Stand in front of a mirror, and appreciate the parts you love. Concentrate on these parts rather than on the parts which you are self-conscious about. This will help you bring more self-confidence.

Successful people are those people who are confident about themselves first. Only then do they make people around them comfortable. And people get attracted to them. As a result, these things help them enhance their personality more and more in the future. Thus, one should love himself or herself. He or she should take care of himself or herself.

It is essential to show your optimistic self to people. Despite difficulties, if any, stay happy and cheerful in front of people. People will love you in that way. Be grateful for whatever you have in your life. Focus on those good things. Never think about what you do not possess. People do not like negative people and people with negative feelings and thoughts. Make others feel good and comfortable in your company. Always stay humble. Be cool.

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