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Goal Setting: A critical life skill

(Confidential, one-on-one, telephonic coaching session)

Rs.999 Only (50% OFF) 2000

Get a full refund if not satisfied

Personalized coaching

Get your life and career on track

If this is your today

Not clear about your life / career goals?
Confused and no idea about how to pursue your desired goals?
Do not know how to take the next steps?

This can be your tomorrow

Clear life / career goals and objectives
Able to chose, decide and pursue goals
Confident steps towards your chosen goals


(Ability and clarity to decide goals and pursue them)

Goal Clarity

Become clear about your career / life path, choices and job profiles you want to pursue

Goal Setting

Be clear about life / career objectives, create your plan and approach to achieve the desired profile. Start preparing and proceed on the path decided

Achieving your goals

No excuses. Do all that is required with a sense of direction and progress. Just get that life / job / career profile you wanted so badly


Telephonic 1 hour coaching

One-on-one, confidential session with a coach matched with your need

Certificate of completion – Life Skills: Goal Setting

You will get participation / completion certificate for the topic

Post session workbook

Framework to pursue practices on your own after the session

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the coaching you got from our expert coaches, we will give your money back. No questions asked. You shall get the full amount within 3 working days.

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