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JiyoFullest CHAMPS - Worried about your child's future?

Summary: Interactive, live webinar to help parents to become the catalyst for their children’s success – December 2018

The session focused on reasons that cause parents to worry and the best practices to transform the worry into actions to help their children to succeed in life. 

The parents were very happy to find that using the methods demonstrated by the coach, they could channelize their worries in innovative ways. The ultimate beneficiaries of this session were the children of all parents who attended.

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JiyoFullest LEAP - Get unstuck in life and career

Summary: Interactive, live webinar to help working professionals who feel lost, unfulfilled, confused or stuck in life/career – December 2018

After many requests to conduct a session over Internet video conference, this was our first offering as a webinar. 

The session focused on the reasons that bring about these situations in the life/career of working professionals. The possible ways to tackle and leap through these challenges as explained by our coach gave the participants new hopes and methods they could try on their own.

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JiyoFullest LEAP - Life Skills for Montessori teachers

Summary: Life skills for Montessori teacher trainees – Bangalore – November / December 2018

This was a special group coaching series for the Montessori Teacher Trainees. The series of group coaching sessions focused to provide the trainee teachers the ability to manage family and profession, enhance their communication skills, confidence, assertiveness, set personal and professional goals, patience, listening skills. 35 teachers have pursued the sessions throughout

JiyoFullest LEAP - Life Skills for Interview Readiness

SummaryLife Skills for post-graduate / specialized trainee students to enhance Interview Readiness – Bangalore – September/October 2018

This is a very high impact program conducted as a combination and series of self-assessment, live group workshops, and one-on-one personalized coaching sessions to transform the Interview Capabilities of students. The program positively impacted the results of the postgraduate and specialized trainee students in their interviews with top companies in Bangalore. Their objectives to get the job, selecting the right company, communication, body language/behavior, confidence and articulation of their knowledge found appreciation and improved offers.

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JiyoFullest Champs - Compete2Win

Summary: IIT-JEE  Winning Strategies – Academic Excellence Coaching for students aspiring to succeed in competitive exams – Bangalore – July 2018

A unique workshop for students from Bangalore who aspire to really succeed in competitive exams like IIT-JEE, NEET. The 2-hour workshop focused on creating the right success mindset, methods to enhance concentration, reduce stress & pressure, strengthen emotional and behavioral aspects. The coach demonstrated methods and importance to create smart goals and unwavering focus to achieve what the student wants

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JiyoFullest Champs - Academic Excellence for IIT-JEE

Summary: IIT-JEE Winning Strategies – Academic Excellence Coaching for students aspiring for success in IIT-JEE – Chintamani – June 2018

The workshop was a resounding success with students already enrolled with various core subject coaching programs towards IIT-JEE.

JiyoFullest’s coach helped students and also the accompanying parents on power of visualization, exam winning strategies, success mindset & techniques.

Example based demonstration to enable students to start setting actionable goals, manage time, enhance focus and confidence were taken well by the students of the small but education savvy town.


JiyoFullest Champs - UAchieve

Summary: Academic Life Coaching for students of 1/2 PU – Chintamani – May 2018

A highly interactive workshop focused on developing self-assessment of where a student wants to be and how a clear actionable path can be charted out to accomplish the goal(s). 

A live role-play with a 2 PU student followed by a parent of a 1 PU student demonstrated the process that students can apply and practice. 

The students were coached to assess their goals, introspect strengths, weaknesses, and habits, craft actionable weekly goals and measure their progress.

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JiyoFullest LEAP - Certainty in uncertainty for working professionals

Summary: Manage life’s challenges during uncertain times – Hyderabad – June 2017

Stress, confusion, hopelessness, lost confidence and many such issues troubled the 45+ attendees in this group coaching session.

The session focused on methods they could apply to manage and get past the challenging situations. Powerful self-actuating processes discussed in the session by our coach proved to give great hopes to all and possibilities that they all can do much better in their lives.

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