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Success Stories.

BYS Success Strategy  for Startup

BYS Success Strategy for Startups

Goal Clarity JiyoFullest Teens

Uma Sudhindra
MD, Go Magic Trails

Creating awareness about the importance of coaching & bridge the gaps

The nascent stage at which coaching is in India, the avenues opening up for organizations & individuals opening up for self developmental work is tremendous. JiyoFullest as a platform endeavor to do just that – create awareness about the importance of coaching & bridge the gaps. Your comfort zone is a place where you keep yourself in a self-illusion and nothing can grow there but your potentiality can grow only when you can think and grow out of that zone. Coaches at JiyoFullest facilitate just that transition.

Sudha Rani
ABN AndhraJyothy

I realized where I am in my career and where I want to be

The event was one of the best self assessment and motivating session I have attended. It was a much needed one for me. The talk with the coach made me realize where I am in my career and where I want to be. Thanks to JiyoFullest.

Kamaljeet Singh
Sales Manager, Haryana

Effectiveness in Sales

My coach worked on me to emerge my own strategy to face challenges and she is knowledgeable and taught me drills and concluded with five points to tackle my sensitiveness in my professional life and also my effectiveness in sales.

An IT Professional

moved forward from all tumultuous things around

“I have finished my sessions with Jiyofullest.
It’s been tremendous support and help for me to move forward from all tumultuous things around towards positive with coach guidance and constant advices.
You people are doing great job.
Thanks a lot to jiyofullest.

Thanks lot.”

Bank Manager

Scattered mind to a centered mind

It was a very useful conversation with my coach . I need to mark my targets which may need help. I may opt for deep coaching.
Thank you

IIT Mumbai Alumni

The coach is one of the wisest people

The coach is one of the wisest people I have met. His spot-on insights, guidance and framework based on his decades of experience is helping us advance our progress by many steps.

A Therapist
JiyoFullest Life coaching program

Got discipline, perseverance, patience, confidence and positive thinking

I am thankful to JiyoFullest. Being a counselor, corporate yoga instructor and BCST therapist, I came across a time when life seemed messed up, losing priorities and clarity. I luckily met JiyoFullest team and hesitantly enrolled into their life coaching program. Communicating to my coach, sharing my issues without being judged helped me a lot. I definitely needed someone much more intellectual than me in all spheres else I would have dropped after one or two sessions. My coach proved to be a deep rooted, knowledgeable person that he guides me to set my priorities right and to follow them. I have got discipline, perseverance, patience, confidence and positive thinking back in life. Decision making is clearer and I have become responsive instead of being impulsive and reacting to every situation. I feel centered. Thank you JiyoFullest for such a brilliant initiative. I think each and everyone needs, even most successful person needs a guide or supporting hand who is neutral and non-judgmental at some point in life.


Understood Funding Concept

BulletProof Your Startup FUNDING STRATEGY a great workshop. Highly engaging and collaborative. Special thanks to Startup Success Coach: Ravi Challu, Mr.Sudip, Mr.lalit, and especially Anupama Singh madam.
After hearing from Mr.Ravi and Mr.Rohit, AVP South India, I got to know funding process is not that easy as generally one can think. So, this program helped me to understand what are the steps one has to pass thru in various stages like pre-funding/funding/post funding.
Every single question from attendees was answered by Mr.Ravi and Mr.Rohit. I learnt a lot from this program.

It was a great day for me, I learnt lot many things and would strongly recommend to others.

A Home Maker


Got more detailed explanation to what had to be done to be assertive.It was of considerable help.

Engineer turned businessman

Clarity of strategy for my business

I had no idea or belief on the impact of a self-development program for my company’s growth. However, due to a strong recommendation by a close friend, gave JiyoFullest a chance. We had been grappling with clarity of service strategy despite 3 years into logistics and transportation. As part of the coaching, we are able to visualize a years goal and the team is confidently aligned towards progress. Hope to see measurable results soon.

Understanding Success

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