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This workshop ,Sales & Marketing Strategies, is an opportunity for you to learn the art of effective marketing and generate target oriented sales for your startup. You will then be equipped to develop and execute the strategy yourself. You will also understand mantras of product positioning and pricing so that your customer feels compelled to buy.

Bulletproof Your Startup workshops are designed and conducted by Ravi Challu. LinkedIn ( https://www.linkedin.com/in/ravichallu)


  • Positioning- Features, Pricing & Customer Psychology
  • Competitive Strategies and innovation
  • Identifying your target market
  • How to acquire the first 10 and 100 customers?
  • Understand customer psyche and why they will buy
  • How will you ensure your customers pay the price you need
  • Is digital marketing good enough to start?
  • Are the approaches for B2B and B2C sales similar?
  • What is Minimum Viable Offering to ensure customers pay
  • Measuring your sales and marketing effectiveness
  • Stages of marketing
  • Data based decisions
  • Creating sales funnel
  • Go To Market strategy framework
  • Sales strategy framework

Date: Coming Soon | Time: 10:30 am – 12:30 pm | Venue: JiyoFullest Office, HSR Layout

Workshops in June'19

2000+ startups coached

Coach Insights

  • 1-on 1 session with BYS coaches to discuss, analyze, strategize and suggest solutions to a core issue that is holding you back
  • Understand startup’s context and apply our current understanding of the domain and validate assumptions/hypothesis
  • Design best way forward

100+ startups coached

Deep Coaching

  • Framework based approach to handhold startup through 5 critical stages of the journey of becoming a company
  • Co-develop strategies, operations plan and establish review mechanism through regular face to face coaching
  • Partner and guide startup through dynamics of growth driven challenges. Open sales channels and strategic linkages.

20+ startups coached


Sales and Marketing Strategy Workshop

Sales and Marketing workshop – Dr RudraPrasad

I am here , CEO – Naren

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