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Minimum Viable Product

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Minimum Viable Product

Minimum Viable Product In this unique, practical, knowledge based workshop you will learn to define, validate and start your business with the minimum offerings required. You will also learn frameworks to arrive at the bare minimum viable product / service, you must be ready with as you venture into the unknowns of the market.More than 2300 entrepreneurs have benefited from our past workshops over the last 2 years. Bulletproof Your Startup is a knowledge intensive and consistently running workshop series in Bangalore.It is the flagship workshop at Startup Master Class conducted by IIT Kanpur Alumni Association. One workshop is hosted in Accel (Venture Funds office) every month.

Bulletproof Your Startup workshops are designed and conducted by Ravi Challu. LinkedIn (


  • What is the bare minimum offering you should start with?
  • How will you decide what defines “minimum viable product / service”?
  • What if a prominent customer demands beyond what your MVP is?
  • Criteria to define validation and define more features
  • Does many good features not attract customers more instead of a few minimum ones?
  • Do startups fail if they do not define a clear MVP?
  • Can you raise investments with an MVP?
  • What are the methods to identify minimum value prop?
  • Examples of MVP from successful startups?
  • What to do if sales for an MVP fails?
  • How to tell customers about future enhancements?
  • How to change an MVP mid-way after roll out?
  • Do service businesses also have to think minimum viable service?
  • Resource split between future features and MVP
  • How long should a startup take to define its MVP?
  • Real case study of MVP to fuller product / service

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