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Effective Communication

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Effective Communication with all stake holders is essential
for a leader’s success. Accomplish greater results
with powerful techniques.





Getting started

  • What is communication?
  • How do we communicate effectively?
  • Enrich your communication skills?

Understanding Communication Barriers

  • Physical Barriers
  • Physiological barriers
  • Lack of common experience
  • Cultural Barriers
  • Ambiguity and overuse of abstractions

Paraverbal Communication

  • The power of pitch
  • The truth about tone
  • The strength of speed

Speaking like a STAR

  • S = Situation
  • T = Task
  • A = Action
  • R = Result

How to be more effective in your communication


Telephonic 1 hour coaching

Communication coaching by Telephone or Skype from anywhere in the world can be very effective.

Personal, matching coach

Online MCQ Assessment Platform is a multi-faceted tool that supports various test formats viz. aptitude test, and skill tests.

Post session workbook

t is short statement which you deliver in 20-30 seconds to make a memorable impression.

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the coaching you got from our expert coaches, we will give your money back. No questions asked. You shall get the full amount within 3 working days.

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