Managing Self and Relationship


When everything becomes too overwhelming for you to handle, how do you respond? Messy emotions and messier relationships can be quite challenging to deal with. Self-management and managing your relationships may become the most useful in such situations and to avoid them. Self-management is knowing your emotions and behavior patterns and also everything that results in a better sense of self and self-care. Maintaining healthy eating habits, a proper sleep schedule, planning your day/week in advance, are some important aspects of self-management. Another effective way of self-management is being your own cheer-leader, keeping updated with skills and techniques for personal growth.

Respectively, it is important to the process of self-growth that you have healthy relationships and strong support systems. Relationship management requires time and commitment. One of the best ways is to keep in contact with that person either by meeting them or through texts. It is always helpful to know your relationship patterns. Hearing the other person out without blaming or criticizing them. Such basic practices will help you keep a consistent amount of good people around you. Resulting in better self-growth and relational spaces.

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