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Manage your limited time effectively

(Confidential, one-on-one, telephonic coaching session)

Rs.999 (50% OFF) Rs. 2000

Get full refund if not satisfied

Personalized coaching

Right coach matched for your need

If this is your today

Unable to finish required work timely
No time for self and family
Failing to meet timelines

This can be your tomorrow

Prioritize and finish work
Make time for all desired aspects of life
Manage time productively



Find where your time goes

Time is always limited. There are numerous activities you have to complete within the time you have. Your coach will help you identify the patterns and your habits of time spent.

Decide the best use of time

Identify the possible distribution of your time. Prioritize all aspects where your time is spent. Work with your coach to decide the most impact time investment.

Available time in your stride

Start valuing every moment. Your coach will help you set priorities, allocations and plans. Now you can start living the way successful people do. Find time for everything you wanted to do.


Telephonic 1 hour coaching

One-on-one, confidential session with a coach matched with your need

Personal, matching coach

A dedicated coach, selected for your profile to help through your journey

Post session workbook

Framework to pursue practices on your own after the session

Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with the coaching you got from our expert coaches, we will give your money back. No questions asked. You shall get the full amount within 3 working days.

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