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Funding strategy In this unique, practical, knowledge based workshop you will learn to create a funding strategy for your venture. You will also learn to use a self-assessment framework to value your startup in the early stages of your journey.

More than 2300 entrepreneurs have benefitted from our past workshops over the last 2 years.Bulletproof Your Startup is the most knowledge intensive and consistently running workshop series in Bangalore.
It is the flagship workshop at Startup Master Class conducted by IIT Kanpur Alumni Association. One workshop is hosted in Accel (Venture Funds office) every month.

Bulletproof Your Startup workshops are designed and conducted by Ravi Challu. LinkedIn ( https://www.linkedin.com/in/ravichallu)


  • Why do many startups fail to impress investors and get funded?
  • Not sure why an investor did not see value that you visualise?
  • Is investment critical to a startup’s success?
  • Will it be sensible to grow on revenues instead?
  • Will investors fund your idea / startup?
  • Why do many funded startups also fail?
  • How should I approach investors?
  • What are the recommended startup valuation methods?
  • Can I self-value my idea / startup?
  • Which factors drive a good funding strategy?
  • What are the concerns that early stage investors want you to address?
  • Investor Entrepreneur alignment challenges
  • When, from where and how to raise funds
  • Sources and deployment of funds
  • Is there a clear method to decide equity?
  • Perils of devolution


Date:Coming soon |Venue: JiyoFullest office, HSR Layout

Workshops in July'2019

2300+ startups coached

Coach Insights

  • 1-on 1 session with BYS coaches to discuss, analyze, strategize and suggest solutions to a core issue that is holding you back
  • Understand startup’s context and apply our current understanding of the domain and validate assumptions/hypothesis
  • Design best way forward

100+ startups coached

Deep Coaching

  • Framework based approach to handhold startup through 5 critical stages of the journey of becoming a company
  • Co-develop strategies, operations plan and establish review mechanism through regular face to face coaching
  • Partner and guide startup through dynamics of growth driven challenges. Open sales channels and strategic linkages.

20+ startups coached

Know Your Coach

This workshop will be conducted by Ravi Challu ( https://www.linkedin.com/in/ravichallu). Ravi completed his B.Tech. EE from IIT Kanpur in 1975. After spending considerable time heading large corporations and building 2 businesses on his own, he ventured into SME and startup coaching. Having impacted entrepreneurs since 2013, this is a unique opportunity for startup founders and aspirants to learn.


Funding Strategy workshop

IAmHere – Naren, CEO

JustFence -Kunal, CEO and Co-Founder

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