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Every startup evolves through 5 chasms before becoming a matured company. Each of the chasm requires adapting strategies. Bulletproof Your Startup operates on a unique 5-CHASMS Framework that helps entrepreneurs identify the necessary strategy adaptations.

strategic workshop

1: Strategy Workshops

When you need knowledge that you can apply to build your startup and achieve results, attend these workshops.

The topics range from ideas, strategies, customer development, minimum viable offering, sales, marketing, funding, team formation, company positioning, competition handling. Supported via structured frameworks to enable startup to identify their gaps.

coach insight

2: Coach Insight (One on one)

When you need rapid solutions to challenges, road blocks, confusions, decisions, One-on-one, frameworks based, structured approaches and decision support by our expert coaches is for you. Agenda can range across the board like idea formulation, sales, marketing, understand your consumer, customers decision triggers, funding, team, confusions, decisions, equity distribution, GTM, clear value proposition articulation.

deep coaching

3: Deep Coaching (One on one)

You get a shadow executive board that works together towards aligned success goals. We stay on top and enable your Strategies, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Funding, Lead Generation, Team Management. Nothing is allowed to slip through the cracks. Our coaches, with complete skin in the game to ensure effective participation.


Best startup coaching for you

As the founder(s) of your venture, it is lonely at the top. There is only limited details you can share with others. However, decisions have to be taken and the team must rally behind.

To keep surging ahead, strategies have to be clearly defined. Time is at a premium. Stealth and speed take priority. Under these circumstances, to create a successful venture at every stage of evolution requires unbiased, deep, relevant and experience based insights, reviews and solutions to be available.

Bulletproof Your Startup (BYS) brings world class, experienced entrepreneur turned coaches who have walked the talk before you. Strategy building, operations and building the startup becomes interesting with the BYS team by your side.

Best Startup coaching for you

Unique Startup Coaching Platform

startup evolution framework

Startup Evolution Frameworks

Idea to business evolution frameworks tuned to enable metrics and measurement based startup progression.Cycles of do and measure enable clear direction and course corrections.
blended coaching

Blended Coaching

Create a very powerful combination of self-realised founders, aligned and ready to take on the harsh ride of entrepreneurship. We blend startup and life coaching.

analysis dashboard

Gap Analysis Dashboard

Identify gaps in every stage of startup progression. Founders, mentors, investors, eco-system can provide exact insights, support to help startups succeed once they have the data as a dashboard.

countinue support

Continuous support

Once the startup evolution stage based course is completed, the startups can take advantage of the BYS Workshops, Coach Insight and Deep coaching as per need.

strategic door opening

Strategic Door Opening

Provide strategic industry connects to start pilots, live roll outs, partnerships. Team formation strategies, Marketing, Sales, Pitch, Content, Funding and associated service contacts.

ideo to 100cr - icons

Idea to 100 Cr

BYS coaching covers the startup journey as a startup and as an SME. This enables visualisation, anticipation and planning ahead of time. The coaches have successful track record in both startup and SME business coaching.
Our Aim

What you learn at Bulletproof Your Startup

Our Aim

Bulletproof Your Startup provides a combination of knowledge, practical approach and strategy through its programs to startups. Our deep skin-in-the-game approach enables startups who already have advisors, mentors, are incubated or operating independently to use our value as complimentary to the sport they already have.


The frameworks based structured strategic detailing brings clarity in positioning the venture uniquely even in saturated markets.


Insights into the markets from aspects of growth, funding or sustainable / profitable business for creates enormous opportunities to create attractive startups.

What startups say about us

Why work with us

Complete Strategy

You can work with us for aspects of building the right value proposition, identify opportunities, customer development, sales, marketing, funding, team formation, equity.

Ideas to Opportunity

How to get started, company foundations, team, idea, business viability, market survey, bootstrapping, what is worth starting up.

Customer Dev, Marketing, Sales

MVP, Customer, audience, user and influencers, pricing, value proposition, messaging, marketing, sales, innovation.

Funding and growth

Bootstrap, Angel, Seed, Venture Capital. Sustainable ventures that are customer funded. Profitability. What type of business do you aspire to create.

Complete Strategy