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Bulletproof Your Startup workshops are designed and conducted by
Ravi Challu. LinkedIn ( https://www.linkedin.com/in/ravichallu)

Customer Acquisition Strategies In this workshop, you will learn the most critical aspects to acquire the right customers for your startup. You will also learn how to select customer segments for various stages of growth.


  • Why and when customers buy?
  • Presenting your offering appropriately.
  • How to delight customers?
  • Importance and method of defining right customer segments.
  • Preparations before you go to market.
  • Aligning to changing customer demands.
  • Go to market strategies.


Date: Wednesday, 13th March |  5:30PM – 8PM | Venue: JiyoFullest office, HSR Layout

Coach Insights

  • 1-on 1 session with BYS coaches to discuss, analyze, strategise and suggest solutions to a core issue that is holding you back
  • Understand startup’s context and apply our current understanding of the domain and validate assumptions/hypothesis
  • Design best way forward

100+ startups coached

Deep Coaching

  • Framework based approach to handhold startup through 5 critical stages of the journey of becoming a company
  • C0-develop strategies, operations plan and establish review mechanism through regular face to face coaching
  • Partner and guide startup through dynamics of growth driven challenges

20+ startups coached


What is BulletProof Your Startup

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