Work Life Balance – a MYTH

Work Life Balance – a MYTH

Balance means 50: 50 and its comparison between 2 things where both the things are always equal (for the given parameter).

With this definition, Work-Life balance is a MYTH. You can’t have work and life always balanced, what you can have is a harmony, Work-Life Harmony!
This idea of harmony is derived from music where different notes work together to make a piece of pleasant music. At one time some of the notes will be high and some will be low, and at another time the high not will be low and low note will become high.
Similarly, we can tune the notes of work and life to make them sing together. Some time work at high note then some time living at a high note 😊

Why is having a work-life harmony important?

  • To maintain your mental health
  • It increases productivity
  • More rounded individual
  • Stronger relationship
  • You need to be happy as you only get one life.

What are the risks if I don’t achieve work-life harmony?

  • Unresolved problem
  • Poor performance
  • Poor health
  • Financial loss
  •  Unhappy

How to achieve work-life harmony?

  • Learn how to let go
  • Time management
  • Priorities your work
  • Have “ME” time
  • Ask for help
  • Learn to say NO

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