Self Confidence

Self Confidence

“It is the ability or the belief to BELIEVE in yourself to accomplish any task, No matter the odds, difficulties, adversity.” – Dr. Ivan Joseph

8 Simple ways to improve your Self Confidence:

1. Visualize your confidence

When you feel your self–confidence is down, simply pluck a strong memory of success from the past. Think of a time in your life, a moment or a period of life- where you felt empowered, attractive, and successful and at a peace.

2. Appreciate your uniqueness

The beauty of being a human being is that you cannot find a single person who is exactly the same as you are. Everyone is unique in their own way, and that is what makes our life interesting.

Everyone has different qualities, talents, skills, and attitude towards life. So it is best to accept the people as they are and appreciate and respect the uniqueness of their lives. Therefore, avoid comparing yourself with another person and accept other people as they are.

3. Learn new skills

Many people think of learning as studying, but this is not the case. When you study, you do normally learn but learning can go far beyond structured or unstructured studying. Start learning simple things first, learn to smile more, learn to help more, learn to control your anger, learn to forgive, learn to keep hope, learn to be the reason of someone’s smile today. LEARN! LEARN! LEARN!

4. There is no substitute of practice

Author Malcolm Gladwell, in his famous book Outliers, says that it takes roughly 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field. It simply means 20 hours of work a week for 10 years, if we want to become an expert.

5. Don’t accept failure and get rid of negative in your head

“Don’t accept failure” does not mean that when u face failure, you leave everything and go to the mountain. It means you accept failure, learn the lessons it has taught you and try again!

6. Be grateful for what you have

Make gratitude a daily habit. Create a habit to give appreciation for others and let them know regularly that you are grateful for them and for what they do for you.

7. Be good at what you do

Start working on things which you are good at. It will increase your confidence. Work with full heart, dedication and with all of your effort.

8. No one will believe in you unless you do!

By believing in yourself, you will open up endless possibilities in your life. You will find the courage to take immediate action on your goals as soon as you start believing in self.

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