Job Dissatisfaction ??

Job Dissatisfaction
Dear Corporate Employee,
“A whopping 60% of Indian Employees are not satisfied with their jobs & more than 80% of Employees are looking for a Job change, concluded a Times-Jobs survey”.
“Do you fall into 60% or into the 40%?”
We spend almost 50% of our day to do the jobs we have undertaken. It is an essential part of our survival because it pays our bills, helps us fulfil our next desire & earns us a good status in society.
Even though your job is important part of your lives, you still wait eagerly for the Weekend, have Monday “Blues” and wonder when you will get rid of this schedule.
There is a high probability that if you are still reading this article, you fall into that 60% group which has a lot of ambitions and wants to conquer the world but not sure what exactly stops us?” Isn’t it?
We went to the best of the colleges, work with large corporates, solve problems for our customers, get good paychecks (which is never enough ), our parents feel proud of our achievements, auto-rickshaw drivers charge us a premium because he thinks we are top-shots, but still we are not satisfied with our jobs!

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We tried changing Jobs for better roles, for a better paycheck or for more growth opportunities, but still there is a lagging thought in our mind – “Where is the Job Satisfaction?”
What we don’t realize is that, this lack of Job Satisfaction affects our work performance negatively and in the long run our overall well-being!
The root cause, my dear friend, is that no one explained us what is the true meaning of JOB?
They don’t talk about this in schools, colleges or on a radio show!
It is a big irony that today, most Indians are doing a Job but no one takes a step to explain them what does it mean to them, to their family, to their customers, to the organization they work for, and last but not the least, what impact their Job has on the society!
There are very few who understand this well, and no wonder, they go on to lead their organizations.
JOB is actually defined as “Set of daily actions taken to improve the world & the organizations you are part of along with attaining Financial Freedom.”
The fundamental problem is neither do people understand the above definition, nor do they apply it in their workplace. A mere appreciation of this definition & its simple application can help you get the Next big promotion, or the Top Rating, or a Hike in Salary, whatever you have been aspiring for.
In the long run, this definition & its application can help you achieve your BIG Goals & helps you become everyone’s favorite leader. This ultimately results into what you call as “Job Satisfaction”.
If you would like to implement this Definition in your professional life to get the benefits it can deliver, we suggest you setup a 1-hour Strategy Session with one of our coaches.
Here is how it works: Register here to schedule you Strategy Session with one of our top-notch coaches to help you come up with an individualized Career Strategy that you can implement.
We do this for you, because we understand the pain you go through when you have to do the work that you are not interested in, and we firmly believe, “Every human being deserves the best in whatever they do!”
Cheers & All the best!
“We help professionals with personalized Career Strategy and to take Job ‘Dissatisfaction’ out of their lives.”
by Coach Rohit Kakkar (an IIT Kanpur graduate)

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