Academics A Playground For Building Fundamental Life Skills

Building Fundamental Life Skills

A kid who is into sports or arts, practicing sport skills or the art form in and out all the time is called dedicated and passionate. A kid who studies all the time is called “padhaku” “nerd” “boring” – True right? It’s no wonder that most students with the academic path detest the path.

Academics can be seen as a playground to build some fundamental life skills. Are we ready to open our eyes to see such a possibility?

The moment the word academics is mentioned – a storm of revolution against the education system begins and you will hear very strong voices – it emphasizes on memory, it does not assess understanding of the subject, just because you get more marks does not mean you will succeed in life, it’s a rat race, and the rampage just continues. Bear in mind that changing an entire education system is going to require a lot of time. So until the mess clears up, what can be done?

Well here is a thought, why not help students identify and learn the skills that can be learnt even in the context of the current education system? Academic Life Coaching program is designed to help students identify such opportunities and sharpen life skills.  Just mentioning a few below:

1.Goal setting

Be part of workforce, be an entrepreneur, be an artist, be a homemaker or be anyone, goal setting is considered to be vital to steer performance and add purpose to life. This skill if learnt at a young age will help avoid the void that comes with lack of purpose.

2. Planning & Execution

As an entrepreneur, I have at times experienced gap between planning and execution. Even as a manager I had experienced the same and even as a student I had experienced the same. Today I am able to spend time in analyzing the gap and it keeps narrowing every week. The skill of making time to think through, developing focus and ensuring that a plan is made taking into account execution abilities will only help students become aware and better their own performance.

3.Time Management

Do I even need to write about this? Work life balance is a matter of choice, time management is a habit.

4. Personal leadership

Personal leadership is the leadership of the self. It is the ability to define a direction for your leadership and life, and to move in that direction with consistency and clarity. Can we say NO to those who are not aligning with our direction? If we know the direction, saying NO will become easy. Personal leadership helps us define and create success on our own terms. It encourages decision making and decision ownership. It helps one become proactive in creating the right ecosystem for success. Imagine the potential if this skill is learnt and practiced as a student!

These are just some of the skills that our Academic Life Coaching Program has to offer. If interested please call 9886102380/ 9886102372 or contact us at

Article by Coach Rupa

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