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Ever wondered what is the most important quality that all successful leaders, industrialists, businessmen, entrepreneurs, chairmen, politicians, and celebrities possess? It is their SELF-CONFIDENCE. It is this quality that separates them from the crowd and makes them stand out wherever they go.

Whenever they give speeches, they speak as if the whole world is their audience and that self-confidence is what makes them easily approachable by all sorts of people around them. Their self-confidence plays a major role in their success. Most of us know many such people mentioned above, whom we look up to as our inspiration and get motivated by their successful careers. We know all about their life and their education and the money that they earn but we seldom miss out on the fact that they also had to face hardships to achieve all the success and fame. Even in tough times what they didn’t lose was their self-confidence.

Self –confidence is like the salt in the recipe of your life. Without it, all your dreams, targets, and achievements are always going to be tasteless and dull. Its importance should be understood right from the student life wherein you should be self-confident enough in choosing your subjects, your career, and even your friend circle. Many major decisions in your lives are dependent on your self-confidence.

It doesn’t matter that what you decide is going to be correct for everyone but having self-confidence will make you stick to your opinions because only you can decide what is right and wrong for yourself. Self- confidence is not something that can be taught to you but it is something that you practice and learn.

Subconsciously you do many things that may hinder your self-confidence without you realizing it. It has now become a part of your routine. But by being aware of it and making sure to discontinue a few habits will help you in developing a healthy amount of self-confidence and will make sure that you become the best version of yourselves.


Low Self confidence?



The one thing that you are afraid of before starting anything is ‘what if I fail’. This fear of failure has killed many dreams and ideas that could’ve been a major success. You need to understand that just like two sides of a coin winning and losing go hand in hand. As Thomas Edison rightly quoted “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”

It is true that being failed at something brings down your morale and makes you easily give up on your goals but if you dare to learn from your mistakes take the fall positively and stay happy, nothing can stop you from coming out more self-confident than ever. Rising from your downfall and not losing hope will make you immune to failure and boost up your inner self-confidence. Be positive and be happy about your achievements and make your failures a learning experience. This will fill you up with self-confidence.


This is in correlation with the previous point, wherein you are afraid of taking risks because of the fear of failure. In his very famous poem ‘Road Not Taken’, Robert Frost describes how the people often take the easy path to travel, the road that has fewer difficulties and obstacles. But the one who explores the difficult road which is less used by others and has more hurdles reaches a destination which is unique from the crowd and has fruitful outcome since it is achieved by hard work and struggle.
Eliminating the fear of taking risks will make you bold and self-confident enough to do the most unexpected and unique things.


You are often stuck in a situation where you are in no condition to deny the work given to you but on the other hand, you also know that this work will be of no beneficial use to you. You are just doing it as a favor and you are too humble to say no. you are simply molding yourself as per other’s needs. This attitude is going to be harmful in the long run as people will soon understand that you never refuse for anything and they may take your advantage in the wrong ways.

It’s important to learn to say NO and not have the fear of what will others think if I refused. Initially, it is going to be difficult but gradually you will get a hang of it, and eliminating this fear will save you from a lot of unwanted trouble and make you appear more self-confident in front of others.


People always tend to criticize you when you are working on something better for yourself. There are very few who are going to stand in your support and help you till you prove to them that you are capable of doing good things yourself. In your mind, you need to be prepared that people are going to say things which you don’t like. What is more important is you take it as a healthy criticism and move ahead with your life. This will help in boosting. Your self –esteem and make you appear even more self-confident in front of those who don’t believe in you.


In today’s world, everyone has an opinion about everything. If ‘what will people say’ is what comes to your mind before you start doing anything, then it’s high time you stop thinking negative of what they will think and start working on how you can leave them amazed by your work. Nothing will give you more self-confidence than freeing your mentality of other’s opinions.


The most important of all here is this fear of taking a stand for you. Nobody but you know how far you have come to become the person that you are. You know your journey, your achievements as well as your struggles. So why let someone else decide what’s best for you? You need to be self-confident enough in yourself to take a stand and be firm in your decisions. Speaking for yourself will make you satisfied from within and will fill you up with self-confidence. Don’t worry about how people will react. Your task is not to please everyone but do what is in the best interest of yourself so that others also get inspired and motivated by the self-confidence that you portray.


All these fears are very basic and yet occupy a major part of your thoughts. Unknowingly we have lost many opportunities and hindered our self-confidence because of them. Eliminating them all will make sure that your thoughts are filled with self-confidence and that will reflect in your overall personality. It will give you a sense of uniqueness and belongingness at the same time when you walk into a room filled with people. It will make you try out different things that will be added to your risk-taking abilities. Because you are so well self-confident now, it won’t matter where you are or what you do, people will be automatically be drawn towards your vibe and will want to know more and more about you.


Fear Of Taking A Stand For Yourself


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