How to keep your mind free from disturbane

Want to know How to keep your mind free from Disturbance?

In the journey of our life, all of us experience dissatisfaction and disturbed mind. This is a nature of every human being and a part of our lives. There can be many reasons to get a troubled mind. They can be problems due to financial conditions, health problems, family problems, career problems, etc. But why does this happen? Come, let us know the reasons and the solutions for a disturbed mind in this article.

Why do we have a disturbed mind?

We often give priority to the problems in our lives. Rather than doing that, we should focus on all the good things given to us by God. Because apart from difficulties in our lives, we have many other aspects of our lives that are very good, and many people do not even get those things in their lives. 

‘The life you are leading is a dream of many.

 Be grateful for all the good things you have. If we start thinking about and being thankful for all the good things we have, we will always be able to remain happy and peaceful.

Some people believe that they only have sadness and problems in their life and that many other people in this world are so glad. But this is not the truth. The truth is that many people in this world can deal with the problems of their life with a positive approach.

Those people don’t show their sadness or issues in front of anyone. They always put up a smile in front of others to hide their sorrow and problems. They behave as if they are pleased and peaceful in their lives.

But, they are not calm and happy deep inside their mind and hearts. They show in front of others that they are in a pleasant mood.

‘When you love what you have, you have everything you need’.

What are the reasons for a disturbed mind?

If we see that any of our friends, relative, or neighbour has bought a better vehicle or better house than we have, then our minds may get disturbed on thinking about this.

While walking, working, even while sleeping, our mind gets disturbed, thinking about how we can make ourselves better than those people. So, the question is how to manage yourself when your mind gets disturbed? 

Many people build royal-type bungalows and buy the rarest and most luxurious models of costly vehicles to prove that their status is higher than others. From where do they get such a large amount of cash for this? Do you think they stole that money, or their money grows on trees?

No, it is not like that. One part of the money comes from their hard work and success, and another large part may be a loan. And, many other people have earned that massive amount of money by their hard work and determination in their work, and thus through the resultant success of their work.

There are also a few examples where they lose their job after paying off a few installments and become unable to repay the loan. Then in such situations, the Bank will forcibly start recovering the money from them, and sometimes those people become homeless.

What is the need to take all such problems and tensions into your head? Very often, many reasons for a disturbed mind are created by us. 

This is a story of The Thirsty Buddha and gives us a crucial message on what to try to do when our mind gets disturbed. Once, Lord Buddha was travelling with some of his followers. While they were passing by a lake, Lord Buddha told one among his disciples, “I am thirsty. Bring me water from the nearby lake.” That disciple went to the lake.

At that time, a bullock cart was crossing through the lake. As a result, the water became very muddy. The disciple thought, “How will I be able to give this muddy water to Lord Buddha to drink?” So he came back and told Lord Buddha, “The water in there’s very muddy. I don’t think it’s fit for drinking.” After about half an hour, Lord Buddha asked another disciple to travel back to the lake.

The disciple found that the mud had settled down, and therefore the water was clean and clear. So he filled some water in a pot and came and gave it to Lord Buddha. Lord Buddha looked at the water, then he saw the disciple and said, “See what you probably did to form the water clean? You let it stay, and therefore the mud settled down on its own, and you’ve got clear water.

Your mind is like that too! You ought to not get trapped in thinking that your mind is disturbed. When it’s disturbed, just let it stay. Just provide it a little time. The disturbing thoughts and feelings will calm down on their own. You don’t need to put any effort to settle it down. It’ll happen. It’ll be effortless.” Having ‘Peace of Mind’ isn’t a difficult job.

It’s an easy process! What lesson did you learn from the above story? When the mind is disturbed, it tends to hold everything else under the sun as responsible for the unpleasant situations happening (due to the anger, impatience, greed, etc., of the particular person) or disturbing thoughts coming to their minds.

Some can also think that they’re perfect altogether in all the aspects of life, and therefore the problem is with others. This ultimately results in the non-correction of one’s own mistakes.

If the mind remains disturbed, then there may arise a tendency for baseless grudges and anger. Blaming these disturbed feelings on others will only increase the disturbance further by many folds. Instead, if we take things logically and try to recognize and understand the reason that disrupts the mind, then we’ve already won half of the battle, and therefore the rest half will be won through our attempts.

Failure isn’t the top of life. Instead, it’s a way to find out your lesson, rectify your mistakes, and improve yourself. This is often a chance for self-improvement. Life is an unavoidable mixture of pain and pleasure. Nobody on this earth is free from pain or issues in this life. As humans, we all have to go through various types of incidents and circumstances. We’ll experience pain and anguish.

Pain and problems in our lives are inevitable. Instead, suffering is optional. Your attitude towards your life is the key to a calm and undisturbed mind. If you maintain a good and patient attitude towards your life’s happenings, you will stay happy and peaceful. If you possess a terrible and impatient attitude towards your life, then you remain in anxiety or may suffer due to your anger, impatience, etc.

Therefore, always try to maintain a good and patient attitude throughout your life. Here is a remedy on what to try if you feel your mind is disturbed: First, become conscious of things and ultimately accept it for what it’s.

Then, enquire yourself if things are ‘fully’ in your control. Most of the time, you’ll know it isn’t. Ask yourself, “What am I able to do about it?” The solution is usually – not much! Surrender. When a moment passes, it fixes itself on its own! If something is troubling you today, apply this method as a solution. You will notice that it will work wonders for you. 

“Learn to calm down the winds of your mind, and you will enjoy great inner peace.” ~Remez Sasson

What are circumstances showing whether your mind is disturbed or not? How to identify it?

Mind is itself a disturbance. Don’t compare yourself with others. Never try to be someone else. You are unique. Every human being on this earth is amazing and has his or her unique traits. You cannot be like any other person.

And, no one else can be like you. Also, no one can replace you because every person has his or her own identity and personality. If you try to be like some other person, your mind might get disturbed by that thinking. 

In some situations, your mind might get disturbed if another person gives you any negative comments or tells you such words or sentences, which hurt you a lot. He or she might have verbally abused you and your family members.

Those talks or situations which might have broken you very much bring your mind to a disturbed state. Let those people behave in that way or talk like that because it is their way of living. They feel happy by doing that. Avoid baseless comments. Concentrate on those things which are of high priority for your success. 

Time is very much precious. Don’t waste your time by thinking about the acts of the weakness of other people. Mind is itself a disturbance. You might want to stop the mind from working, but it goes on and on. Your legs and hands don’t move involuntarily.

But your mind works involuntarily also. The mind is a master, and you are its slave. Positive thoughts will give you happiness, and negative thoughts might disturb your mind. Your disturbed mind asks your mind to find and provide remedies for the issues of disturbance. Then, what do you think the solution is? 

‘To keep your mind at peace, you should become the master of your mind, and make the mind as your servant’.

Leave every work, and spend a few moments in an entirely silent and peaceful place. Allow the mind to relax. Meditation is beneficial for your good mental health.

How to relieve from the disturbed mind?

Gopinath Muthukad advises, “The important thing is we should have control over our mind. Never allow mind disturbed. We can’t get away from our thoughts. Especially, if our thoughts are related to something we have seen, then we cannot get away from our thoughts.”

This quote is correct. That scene will appear in our minds very often, without our permission. Negative thinking might come to our minds about that matter. That will cause anxiety and a painful sense, resulting in sleepless nights.

“We should fill our minds with positive vibes. When we have a disturbed mind, we should be able to control and make it positive. We should guide our mind towards the greenery of life ahead and not the damages and problems. That is the only way to relieve from a disturbed mind”.

Therefore, the following are a few tips on how to keep your mind free from disturbance or how to control your disturbed mind:

Relaxation technique

From the 24 hours in a day, save 10 minutes for relaxing your mind. This will give your mind a lot of happiness, peacefulness, and relaxation. Your mind will feel refreshed.

Morning exercises

Make a schedule for doing exercises in the morning. You can do any activity you like to do, such as walking long distances, jogging, cycling, etc. This will help you to keep your body and mind energetic and fresh.

Each morning is peaceful and calm. Thus, the morning time is the best for study, meditation, and prayer. Maintaining this routine of exercising every day gives you a good amount of energy to study and work the whole day and helps in keeping your good health.

‘Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.

‘Morning shows the day’. So always start each morning of yours with a smile on your face and with a cheerful, happy, and peaceful mood. And, your whole day will be good on its own. You will remain satisfied and, your mind will be almost undisturbed and quiet.

Practice meditation

Practice meditation always. Meditating will keep your mind fresh always. Meditation helps us relieve stress, increase self-awareness, focus on the present, and increase patience and tolerance. Most importantly, meditation helps us to reduce negative thoughts and emotions, thus keeping our minds tension-free. Meditation helps us to increase positive reviews in our lives. It keeps our minds free from disturbance.

Be aware. Be prepared

When you stay aware, you become mentally strong enough to avoid the thoughts you don’t want. Negative thinking comes to every person. No human being can escape the initially triggering view.

You should be aware means you should be able to identify when a negative thought gets started, and you should know the trick of how to knock it away immediately. It would help if you were prepared to create your mantra for removing the negative thoughts or disturbing thoughts from your mind as soon as they enter your mind. 

Don’t fear

There is nothing really to fear of in our normal day-to-day activities. But some people have some fear, such as stage-fright, and some get fearful before an operation. In such situations, you should make your mind so strong that you will face the problem without fear and with calmness. 

Present moment mindfulness

Create a mantra for having mindfulness. 

                             “Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have” – Eckhart Tolle.

Remind yourself every morning that, ‘TodayToday is a new day of my life. Thus, try to connect yourself more deeply with the present and distance yourself from the worries of your mind. 

‘Never be defined by your past. It was just a lesson, not a life sentence. Move on in your life.

Whenever you get caught up in any negative or disturbing thought, then identify it, erase it, and replace it with positive and good reviews. Being mindful in the present moment works instantly. Mindfulness is not at all time-consuming. You can use any of the following techniques to keep yourself aware in the present moment and thus keep your mind free from disturbance and happy and peaceful:

 Give yourself some free time from your daily routine activities, and breathe in and out mindfully.

 Smile at your acquaintances and also at a stranger.

 Go for a walk in the beautiful mother nature.

 Practice gratitude for all the good things and good aspects of life which you have.

 With the advancement of technology, smartphones are a blessing for us as they provide many advantages in many ways. But, they are also a source of distraction and worry for us. So, minimize the time spent by you with your mobile phones.

 Eat slowly and mindfully.

 Drink tea or coffee. 

 Take a relaxing bath. Do not hurry the bathing process. Always keep enough time for it.

 Listen to instrumental music. It keeps us mindful and also relaxes our minds to a great extent.

 Have a deep conversation with your near and dear ones, and they may be your friends, family, or any relatives.

 Watch your favourite show. It may be a movie, or serial, or reality show.

 Stare at a piece of the painting you love.

 Play with pets, such as cats or dogs or rabbits.

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The human mind is like flowing water. There is a difference between freely flowing water and water kept reserved in a dam. There is complete control over the water held in a barrier, as it can be used for different needs, such as electricity generation, irrigation, etc. Similarly, if you put a dam of discipline on your mind, then it will work wonders. Always concentrate on your work and do it effectively.

‘Don’t listen to your mind, and the mind should listen to you’.

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