How to improve focus and concentration

How To Improve Focus And Concentration

Learn how to improve focus and concentration at The Workplace.


Since the starting of our learning age, we have always been taught to be in the discipline to concentrate on what we are studying and to be focused throughout the learning process. As kids, this was not a very difficult task, because we hardly had any other major task apart from playing, studying, eating, and sleeping. But as we grew up, our concentration got divided between many other elements like video games, friends, movies, hobbies, exams, family, parties and so much more. Those primary tasks which we had as kids are no longer the only important things left for us now. We have a lot to manage in our and we often miss out on what’s most important and what’s least important. To have a clear objective about what needs to be done ahead, it is very important to set a goal and start working meticulously towards that goal. The first and foremost requirement for the fulfillment of the goal is to have a focused mind. A mind trained in such a manner that no matter what the distractions are, our goals and targets are gradually coming towards achievement just like we wanted it.

Being focused and concentrated in our work is no rocket science. Just a change of few habits and some addition of new ideas can make a huge difference in our lives.

Here are 5 ways that can be easily applied in our routine to increase our focus:


To reach anywhere, we need to first finalize a destination. Similarly to get started on the right track towards success, we need to set goals for ourselves. These goals will inspire us to move forward and push our limits. We will always feel a sense of responsibility towards our goals and to reach them we will work with complete focus and concentration. No distraction can come in our way if we have decided to not stop until and unless we have achieved our targets. An important thing to remember here is that our goals should be realistic and within our reach. If we set unrealistic goals that are of no meaning and which are impossible for any human to achieve then this will harm our progress as it will lead to very high expectations and zero capacity to do the work. We will no longer be focused because we know that it may take us forever to reach that goal, no matter how hard we work. Every human being knows his capacity at its best and how far he can push himself. Hence, our goals should keep us motivated and working towards them. If you set your goal based on your passion, success is guaranteed.

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There may be dozens of tasks in your to-do list in a day, but to manage them according to their priority level will make it easy for us to complete the list in a smarter and more focused way. When we start our work in the morning, we start with a fresh mind and we are more focused, as our mind has rested well and it is now ready to work with full capacity. Our energy levels are high and hence our undivided concentration is given to those priority tasks which require more focus. Once these are done we’ll feel a sense of accomplishment as our major task was already done and now what we are left with is only those tasks that can be done slowly and without requiring much of our energy. Now even if we find it hard to focus, since our mind is getting tired, it won’t affect the quality of our work because we are not stressed out about the deadlines of the priorities. We can take our time and finish it as per our will. Hence, Prioritizing can be of great help in improving our focus.

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3. Rewarding ourselves

Often in the workplace, we need to be working long hours to reach the targets. Due to a competitive environment, we find ourselves lost while doing our work. This breaks our working rhythm and brings down our motivation and concentration levels. It is not always possible that we get appreciated by our boss or colleagues for our small achievements but we can always appreciate ourselves by rewarding ourselves from time to time. For example, we decide that if I continuously work for 2 hours without going for a walk or talking to my friends then I’ll reward myself with my favorite muffin during lunch. This way we will be focused on our work while doing it and try to get it to completion to get the reward. This technique will prove very beneficial in improving your focus since you won’t need any outsider to appreciate your work. You will be your critique and your well-wisher.


Sitting continuously at our desk during the working hours can make us tired and lethargic. It may seem as if our body is in a relaxed state but it actually can strain our spine and neck causing aches and pains. This again will lead to disrupted focus and lack of concentration. In this situation, our body will be glued to the chair whereas our mind will be wandering somewhere else. We need to fix our sitting time to 1 -2 hours and then take short breaks regularly after each sitting. This way there won’t be any boredom by continuously sitting and we will work efficiently without any muscle aches. It should be noted that the breaks we take shouldn’t be very long. We don’t want to zone out from our work but we only need to freshen up so that we can work to our best capacity without getting distracted.

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A balanced and healthy diet will lead to a healthy body which in turn will result in a healthy mind. Eating mindfully will keep your metabolism level in check and help your mind run effectively throughout the day. This can help in keeping your focus and concentration intact as you won’t get junk food and sugar cravings in the middle of your work. These cravings can be very dangerous especially while you are trying to concentrate on something important because it’s your body’s way of showing that it needs certain nutrients that you failed in providing. BBC good food suggests 10 foods that boost your focus.

Exercising regularly will keep you fit and immune to diseases. It also increases your concentration power. Indulging in mindful meditation and yoga can boost up your concentration skills and will help in detoxifying your mind from all the unwanted thoughts.

There are few exercises for the mind that can improve your concentration and focus temporarily.

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