How to create opportunity for yourself

‘Don’t wait for the right opportunity, create it’.

George Bernard Shaw.

Try to find out the areas of your interest, .i.e. in which field you are good at doing something. Try to create the right opportunities for yourself in that field. Work hard with determination to make yourself better in that field. Practice a lot in the field of your interest. Then you will be able to give your best performance in that field. That area will become the area of your expertise.

On reading this article, you will get an overview of how to create opportunities for yourself. In this article, a few methods are mentioned by which you can create new opportunities for yourself. Many people wait for getting the right opportunities, but it is not worth waiting for.

Get up, work hard, and keep an eye for new opportunities, and grab those opportunities. Don’t just sit idle and wait for the opportunities to knock at your door. Neither you should wait for any opportunities, nor should you wait for a long time to grab the opportunities. You might miss the opportunities if you wait for a very long time.

One might be aiming for professional growth or personality development, he/she shouldnever wait for luck to favour him/her. Very few people are very much lucky to be successful people in their life.

A lot of successful people in this world have become successful through their hard work, determination, and perseverance. They have worked hard day in and day out to enjoy the success which they got. Success does not come easily.

Work properly with a lot of interest towards your goals and don’t wait for the perfect time. Then only you will be able to give your best performance. Thus, you will be able to accomplish your goals.

‘If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door’ – Milton Berle.

Many opportunities knock at our door, if and only if we have built our door. If we build a door, and keep our eyes and ears on the knocking of opportunities, if any, at our door and we keep receptive nature, then we get through the right opportunities and accept them, to be successful.

The following are a few ways to create new opportunities for you:

Follow your passion

Try to identify which activity you love doing the most. A good way to do this is to recognize what you enjoy doing the most, such as, cooking, singing songs, writing stories or writing poems, etc. List out the things doing which make you happy.

Follow your passion to create opportunities

These are the areas of your passion. Try to find jobs for yourself in those areas. Or, if you have resources, you may try to create your business in the area(/s) of your passion. There is nothing more satisfying and relaxing to do a job or business, .i.e. work in the field of your passion.

Apart from doing your everyday job work, keep a track of what you are longing to do in your mind. It might happen that, you are not at all doing anything in the area of your interest, or you may be doing something in small amounts everyday, or you might be doing something after many days.

Something is better than nothing. So, always try to do something or the other regularly, in the field of your interest. And, keep on doing it consistently every day, be it in small amounts.

‘Success is the sum of small and consistent efforts put in everyday.’

Keep Learning

Always keep on learning and reading throughout your life. Always try to gain more and more knowledge, as much as possible. As much as this thing is applicable for students, in the same way, it is applicable for teachers, corporate workers, for senior citizens also.

Students, apart from studying subjects and books as per their syllabus, should also read novels, other reference books of their subjects, poems, short stories, and other books containing knowledge from other topics apart from their regular school syllabus.

Keep learning to create opportunity for yourself

Keeping this practice can help them a lot in their future. Teachers apart from reading books from their respective teaching subjects should read books from other subjects also to enhance their knowledge.

Corporate workers can read some novels or magazines or other newsletters for enhancing their knowledge of current affairs. So that they can stay up-to-date for discussions, if any, in the office or for other job interviews, or written tests, or online exams for jobs in other companies.

The pass-out students, who are looking for jobs in government or private organizations, should also keep themselves up-to-date, by studying newsletters and/or current affairs magazines.

As every government exam has tests of Aptitude (Maths), Reasoning, Computer, English, and Current Affairs, therefore a candidate applying for jobs can read books on these subjects. Also, nowadays due to the advancement of technology, and in the era of Computers and Smartphones, everything is digitized. Classes are being conducted online.

Various video lectures for all the subjects are available online, from each of the topics of Aptitude, Reasoning, Computer, English, and Current Affairs. Apart from study videos, notes are available in word file, or pdf format, or jpg format, from which, students can easily study for job examinations.

Also, various websites are available on the net, which is dedicated to providing education, free of cost, for the students preparing for various state-level/national level job exams.

The only thing you require for getting these is aninternet connection at your home, or at work, etc. You can download study files to your laptops/ smart phones from the particular study websites from any facility containing free Wi-Fi also.

The senior citizens can read any novels, or storybooks, or poem books, or any other books, or magazines to keep themselves engaged as they are free most of the time, and may feel bored.

The students who have completed their respective study courses such as, B.Tech or B.A, or B.Sc, or, B.Com, or M.Tech or anything else, and those who after being passed out from their colleges are looking for jobs, can choose one/more online courses in the areas of their interest, and start studying from there so that they can gain more knowledge apart from their respective study courses.

And, this will help them a lot in landing their dream jobs for them. There are many students who have always wanted to study and do a job in an education sector of their passion but have not done it till yet, due to some unavoidable or difficult circumstances.

Thus, studying from the easily available online courses can give them a feeling of satisfaction that, the subject in which they had always wanted to study but could not study in that field due to some of the other reasons, they have started fulfilling their dreams. Then they will feel very much excited to study that particular subject and learn something new from the online course.

I am giving an example of a student for this situation. A student, Ram had always wanted and aimed from his childhood to be a scientist in the field of Astronomy, by doing a Ph.D. in that field. But, as his parents told him to do Engineering, as nowadays, more than half of the population of India are studying engineering, so due to family pressure, he had to do  B.Tech in Electrical Engineering.

But as he was a good student, he performed very well in the subjects of Electrical engineering, and he started liking the subject. Then, after completing the course, he did a job in an electrical powerplant as an Electrical Engineer, and he liked his job.

But, somewhere, in the corner of his heart, his desire for studying in the field of Astronomy was still there. He wanted, hoped, and prayed to God that he would get a chance to study in the field of Astronomy. And, his desires were fulfilled, when, a few months back, our Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi allowed the space sector to set up private companies in India, as a part of the Make in India program.

After this reform, many private entities came up and became entrepreneurs in the field of Space technology, and they started their own company for development in the field of Astronomy. There are many start-ups now in India in the Space technology sector, such as Omspace Rocket and Exploration Pvt. Ltd., Agnikul, Society for Space Education Research and Development (SSERD), etc. Ram took the advantage of this situation.

Happily, he enrolled himself in an internship (training) course in one of those start-ups in the field of Astronomy. Now, he is continuing his internship in Astronomy, and very excitedly and with a lot of eagerness, he is learning various topics on Astronomy.

He aims to get a job in the field of Astronomy after completing the internship. Because, he knows that, after the Prime Minister of India took this initiative, a lot of private start-ups, after providing training, will keep many people in jobs in their companies, for working in the development of space sector. After getting his dream job, Ram will be very happy and satisfied. This example shows that, if you work hard and keep yourself open to new opportunities, then someday or the other, your dream will be fulfilled.

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The working professionals should keep themselves up-to-date in their work by taking up new short-term courses, or online courses, or other certificate courses from any institutes during the weekends. But as they won’t get enough time from their jobs to go to an institute and get a training course, so it would be better for them to learn from online courses in their leisure time, or at weekends.

They can also apply for other jobs in bigger companies, with their updated knowledge and skills, and increased efficiency. Thus, their chances of selection would also be very high. Gaining knowledge will also instill self-confidence in a person so that he/she will be able to achieve success easily.

Get suggestions and support from others

Ask your friends, elders, and relatives for suggestions regarding your career. Your near and dear ones, who wish for your good, will give you good and valuable suggestions regarding your career. They will suggest to you which course you should take up for starting your career.

Get support from others

And, if you might have completed one course, and have not decided yet which course of study to pursue next, you can ask for the recommendations of your well-wishers. They will give you the right suggestions.

You can also ask the teachers of your respective school and colleges regarding that. You can enquire them that, ‘I want to pursue my career in this field. Would it be suitable for me’? ‘In which field can I start my career from?’, ‘Which field of study would give many job opportunities’? Experts such as professors of colleges, or experienced school teachers can suggest to you the right career to start from.

Get Experience

You can gain experiences in many ways, such as, by enrolling yourself in internships, or by taking training, or by volunteering, or by working in a small company. Then, after getting experience from small firms, you can move forward and apply to bigger companies with better salaries and good designations.

Get experience

Then, in this way you can create opportunities for yourself, and achieve success in your life. Then you can write about those small and big, every experience in your CV and your chances of being shortlisted for bigger opportunities, based on your experiences will be higher.


To create opportunities for you, come out of your comfort zone first, and then explore all the possible opportunities of this world gradually. Prevent yourself from doing the same things repeatedly. Do new things and that will interest you more, to explore and create new opportunities for you.

Meet new people and socialize with them, so that together with them, you can discuss and share the ideas and create new opportunities for you. Also, follow a routine for achieving success in your life.

If you have any query on this topic, or if any other questions come to your mind, then you can drop a comment below.